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Article - Can science be interesting?

Can science be interesting?

(Example answer for CAE and FCE Article writing tasks)

If you are not sure how to answer this question then you should go to the science conference organised every year. I myself went to it this year and was very impressed. There was plenty of information and a lot of new topics. What’s more, I met really nice people there. We were communicating in English, so we didn’t have any problems. We were able to practise the language and to learn many interesting things from the others. There was a career test, at which we were provided with useful information about different jobs. I heard some extremely good suggestions.

As it had been promised, there were some breath – taking experiments. I hadn’t really realised that science could be so much fun. On the negative side, a thing that annoyed me was that the room was overcrowded and not everyone could see properly. But I cannot complain about the food. It was delicious and free of charge. However, the conference took place too far from the town – this was definitely a disadvantage. I suggest the next year they manage to find a nearer place. 

To sum up, I will highly recommend that you should attend the science conference next year, because I am sure you won’t regret it.

Note.  – rhetorical questions, etc. Make it a bit more emotional! 

Essay - A dream job

If you could have any job anywhere in the world what would you choose and why?

Model Essay for TOEFL or CAE Exams

Different people choose their jobs for different reasons. Some care about self- fulfilment while others are driven only by the pursuit of money and material benefits. In my view, I’ll need money to lead a normal and comfortable life but more important will be to find pleasure and satisfaction in my job. 

I want to be a journalist. Because my passions are music and television, the best place for me will be M.T.V. I want to have my own TV show where I will talk to ordinary people, interview stars, show new videos, and even organize games. I will be the presenter of this show and the director. 

It will be a job which will give me the opportunity to apply and develop valuable skills. I’ll be able to communicate with lots of new and interesting people as well as get acquainted with the music business. I get so excited when I imagine my meetings with stars I have always admired! 

On the other hand, I’ll travel a lot. Writing about festivals, concerts and interviews will allow me to visit various countries and discover other cultures. 

I want to work exactly for the European M.T.V. which is located in London. I adore that city and I’ll be able to be relatively close to my home country. My family and friends will be able to see my face on the T.V. screen so they won’t miss me. 

Actually, this job will make me very famous all over Europe. I consider this a great advantage not only because vainglory nut also because fame will help me find easier another job when I am too old to work for M.T.V. or just need a change. 

And, of course, it is a well- paid job. I will need enough money to hire a nice place to live, buy a car and create my new image – an image which will represent my new status of a T.V. star. 

I wish this offer for a job were real. But I won’t just sit and pray for such an opportunity. I intend to work hard to achieve it. I don’t want to lose a beautiful dream like this. If you were me, wouldn’t you do the same?

Informal Letter - Giving Advice

Informal letter model answer – Writing letter to a friend giving him advice on how to spend money

Dear Sam,

I’m so happy that I’m finally hearing from you. It’s so nice to understand that you’ve managed to save some money – I envy you. But I also realise how confused you must feel in front of this dilemma.

Firstly, I’m not sure that spending the money on an expensive holiday is the best decision you can make. Of course, everybody needs to have a rest; so do you. I know pretty well that you had a busy year at school and you were under stress. It will be great if you can relax from all this.

On the other hand, personally, I think it’s not better to put the money aside to buy a car. Isn’t there a good bus or train service where you live? If you have a car at college, your friends will take advantage of you while you will be giving them lifts.

In my opinion, it’s a good idea to spend part of the money on a cheap holiday, for example, somewhere in the countryside, and to put the other part aside for a used car. I don’t think that you’ll need a flashy new car as you won’t be driving long distances.

I’ll be happy if my suggestions appeal to you. Write to me and let me know what you have decided to do.

Best wishes,


Computers – friends or enemies; advantages and disadvantages of using computers

Computers – friends or enemies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using computers

Sample Essay Answer

Nowadays people can’t imagine the world without computers. In spite of the fact that they were created only 40 years ago, they have become an essential part of people’s lives. Many questions have been raised about them. One of the most important problems is whether they are friends or enemies to human beings. 

Computers are very useful in fields like science, industry, education, medicine. Some problems require elaborate calculations and without computers it is very difficult to solve them. Men are, of course, able to do the same tasks but more time is needed and probability for mistakes is huge. 

In factories machines are usually connected to computers. As these gadgets never get tired and rarely make mistakes, the production can be increased and the prices respectively get lower. 

A computer can store much information – a whole library can be contained in its little box. Instead of spending days among the dusty shelves of books, a simple combination of buttons can find the information you need. 

In a hospital, without all these little apparatuses, many people wouldn’t have the chance to live. As these machines are constantly being improved, they can do more and more tasks. They connect the entire world in a net, so that people can communicate more easily. 

On the other hand, many people think computers are a potential danger. They can replace man and this takes away from him his role in society. Unemployment rises because of the computerized factories managed by a single person. Man can get addicted to computer and forget about the life around him. Many wives suffer because their husbands prefer watching the flashing screen to spending times with their families. Up-to-date technologies even allow people to find their better halves via internet. They kill feelings and destroy values. 

Computers are made to facilitate our existence. Although sometimes they do cause troubles in most of the cases the fault is with man, not the machine. Computers are friends, not enemies and the more people know them, the better they can understand this fact. At this stage of human progress computers are the best assistants. 

*Use more linking words.

Advantages and disadvantages of using computers

Review of a Book - Wuthering Heights

   Model Answer for CAE Exam Review of a Book

“Wuthering Heights” is a famous novel written by Emily Bronte in the forties of the eighteenth century. It presents a fascinating story of a house with diverse past. The plot introduces to us a house with deep secrets ready to be retailed. This is the point when Mr. Lockwood comes and is curious about everything, which has happened. Of course, the governess of his new home doesn’t have any objections in telling him the long story of the two houses – Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. 

The novel shows to the reader different characters, who have very strong feelings for each other: either love or hatred. Complicated human relationships are in the center of the novel. The importance of the family is also a basic idea of the story. How should we treat our lovers and haters is a question widely discussed in the novel. 

“Wuthering Heights” is a book, which is famous not only because its vividness, but also because of the minute description. The plot is attention – grabbing because of the fast moving actions and the curiosity every situation evokes. What makes “Wuthering Heights” memorable is the talent of the writer to recreate interesting characters and mysterious places, where the whole story is developed. The novel “Wuthering Heights” has had a deep impact on me. It depicts a different world, very distant from mine, manners and characters not easy to find nowadays and also a breath-taking plot, not easy to forget.

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What are the problems if a big city?

Sample Essay answer. Can be used for TOEFL or IELTS exam papers.

The big city, the former dream for many people, now seems not so enchanting. A big part of the humanity realizes that life there is not so pleasant and healthy.

In the first place, I think that city dwellers are doomed to stress and depression, caused by noise, traffic and pollution. People who live in a big city are tired of getting stuck in traffic congestions, of hearing piercing sound s of alarm systems on cars, the buzz of car – engines, the creaking of cranes and other machines on building sites, the shouting of vexed people in the streets. All these types of noises are, in fact, irritating factors. Some scientific surveys suggest that the human nervous system reacts to such irritants in the same way as it does to mortal perils. Considering this fact, one can imagine how dangerous noise is to his health. Therefore, it is not surprising that such type of stress and depression causes so many serious ailments to citizens. 

Another important problem of a metropolitan (or to put it more accurately, of its inhabitants) is the relationships among people. In my opinion, they fall on the habit of sticking to etiquette and formalities whenever they communicate with each other. I think that such a way of communication causes alienation among people and makes them unhappy.

From my point of view, not many big cities in our country are beautiful. What damages the picture can be a big industrial plant or narrow streets for pedestrians, or not so well - arranged centre. I think that even the smallest reminders of Nature, which can be found in urban areas, look artificial, since they are separated from their natural environment. Such examples are pets, kept in flats, flowers in flower – shops, parks, surrounded by thousands of signs and busy roads. 

To sum up, I can say that a large city has got a lot of problems and one should think twice before choosing to live in it.

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