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Essay - Which facilities are needed most in your area?

 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015 

Which facilities are needed most in your area?

(Sample essay) 

Which facilities are needed most in your area? 
  • car park
  • sport centre
  • history museum
Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility is needed most in your area, giving reasons in support of your answer. 

Undoubtedly, both a sport centre and a car park would be of substantial importance to our area. They would both contribute immensely to respectively the health of the residents and alleviating the situation with parking. But the question is which one is needed more. 

To begin with, a sport centre would make happy the youngsters in our neighbourhood. They are the ones who are mainly attracted to such places. However, it would be of use not only to them. The new facilities could bring about improving the health of children and adults, as well, and keeping them fit and in good shape. Also, elderly people could benefit from a sport centre by joining clubs and activities appropriate for their age. 

On the other hand, a car park is badly needed by people doing their shopping in the area, especially at the market place. It is true they are having a problem finding a lot to park near it. The situation is particularly unpleasant at weekends when all the nearby streets are crammed with parked cars. This causes considerable inconvenience to the local people. 

In conclusion, if we compare the pluses for our community from both facilities, the advantages of a sport centre would outweigh, in my opinion, those of a car park. Although the latter is a necessity to be dealt with in the near future, the former is indeed needed more at the moment. The health of the community should be number one priority of the local authorities.
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Essay - The only thing people are interested in today is earning more money

The only thing people are interested in today is earning more money. 

It’s a general fact that one of the most important things nowadays is money. People are judged not by their qualities as human beings but by how much money they earn. More and more people are becoming interested in earning more money because if one wants to be appreciated and respected in our materialistic world one shouldn’t prove to be honest, but ought to show his or her capability of becoming rich and famous.

Firstly, there is not a single thing today that doesn’t cost money. You need it for everything – food, clothes, home, education, raising children and so on. Once upon a time people didn’t need cash. They exchanged goods for other goods. For example, meat was exchanged for vegetables and fruit, wood for leather clothes, etc. Banknotes were unknown and the question is: Were people happier? The majority thinks they undoubtedly were. The main reason is that years ago poverty was unknown while these days the lack of money is one of the primary problems in our society. Of course, the poor’s pursuit to find a good job and earn money is understandable, because otherwise they’ll probably starve. But it’s a pity when person’s only goal is to earn more and more. 

Secondly, a lot of rich people lose their humaneness in their pursuit of more money. These people have no real friends, no real life and no real happiness. Unfortunately, they don’t realise this until they lose something that really has value for them. They are become fanatics. Of course, when you have money you can afford everything but when you are alone and don’t have anyone to share the happy moments with, money becomes unnecessary.

Thirdly, some women marry not because they are in love with their partner, but because he has money. It’s not unusual to see a twenty – year – old woman with a man who is thirty or forty years older. These women sacrifice the most precious thing in one’s life – love. 

To sum up, it is not people who control money, but money controls people. One shouldn’t let money rule one’s life – a slave cannot be happy.


Essay - Time Machine Invention

Time Machine Invention - Essay, TOEFL, IELTS

Time Machine Invention Essay 

Have you ever wondered what out world would be like without inventions? How would people nowadays do without electric bulbs, phones, domestic robots, etc.? I think that we all have a common opinion about this topic – it would be unbearable. Despite all these newly created inventions, human imagination is still infinite and everybody is able to come up with new suggestions, no matter how weird they may sound every now and then. 

Nowadays, we often come across the idea of a time machine while reading books or watching TV. Some people may find it insane, but for others this breakthrough would be all they have ever dreamt of. So, let’s imagine for a moment what our life would be like using time machines and taking them for granted. It would be easy to travel through the history of the world, seeing its level of development during the centuries. The most interesting aspect of this invention would be that you could witness events which you have only read about in books. Taking into account this fact, the time machine could be considered really useful for students who would be able to see what they learn with their own eyes. 

Bearing all these reasons in mind, it seems that the invention of the time machine would be not only a remarkable breakthrough, but it would never be forgotten, too, taking a significant place in world’s history.

Essay - Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you? version 2

Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample Answer (Essay)

Nowadays a great number of people are becoming aware of the dreadful effects of man’s selfishness on environment. A lot of people are concerned only about their well-being and don’t think of what their actions cause on nature. 

The environmental issue which is of greatest concern to me is the pollution of my home town. It is cause not only by the chemical plant near the town but also by the heavy traffic, the other plants situated in the suburbs, the waste products poured into the sea, the leaks from the passing oil tankers and ,at last, the irresponsibility of some of the tourists who come to the seaside every summer. 

The result from this concern is really horrendous. The air is so charged with chemical substances that sometimes it is difficult for people even to breathe. But it’s not only the air that is contaminated. Because of the port, the sea and all the fish and other sea animals are also in danger. Even many lakes also suffer. Of course, no one can deny that the greatest side effect of pollution is on people. Statistics show that in our city the percentage of chronical? Illnesses, cancer, goitre and other diseases is highest in comparison with the rest of the country. 

However, the situation is not desperate yet. If we look around we will see that there is still a lot to be saved. So, if we want to correct our mistakes we and, especially, the state authorities, have to take effective measures. For example, the safety measures should be stricter and the fines higher than they are now, the plants should be equipped with purification stations, the unreliable technologies should be modernized and new parks made. If all these things are done, then there is still hope for our city and for people who live in it. 

In conclusion, I would say that the striving for economical progress, money and quick returns has made us cause a lot of damage to nature. But it’s high time we realized that we cannot live without her and need the fresh air and clean water more than anything else.

Article - Why does older generation complain that young people eat the wrong food, take no exercise

Why does older generation complain that we, young people eat the wrong food take no exercise, and don’t look after our bodies?

Sample Article answer for FCE and CAE

Why does older generation complain that we, young people, eat the wrong food take no exercise, and don’t look after our bodies? In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 

To prove that our generation is going to live longer and be healthier, I’m going to ask you one simple question. Do you know one person who follows a diet? Who goes regularly to the gym? Who works out every spare minute? Oh, that’s right – a lot of our friends are actually like that. Almost everyone is talking about what he or she eats and drinks. Almost everyone is talking about his or her body. And all that is just the beginning. Even our parents are following diets. Even they have already started to work out. 

A lot of people of the younger generation are doing exercise and they have been keeping fit since they were in the fifth or sixth grade. They started to go to the gym when they were in high school. All that leads to just one conclusion – the young people of today are likely to live longer and be healthier than any other generation. 

A better education, more nourishing food, more intensive and varied exercise, medical advances – no wonder we’re going to be the healthiest generation ever.

Competition Entry - Issues of Travelling

Sample answer for CAE writing task: Competition Entry

A Deceiving Temptation or a Really Unforgettable Experience? 

Would you like to have the opportunity to go wherever you want? Well, I think, I know the answer! Because mine is the same! It’s true that nowadays travelling has broadly become one of the trendiest and most expensive hobbies in the world. Most people prefer spending their holidays in some exotic locations to “wasting” their time at home. And I completely understand them!

But let’s consider the matter from every possible angle! Undoubtedly, there are some very unpleasant disadvantages, which are capable of ruining even the best-organised journey! And although many people are ready to neglect them in favour of their final dream destination, I think that they need to be taken into account.

In the first place, in my opinion, the most annoying thing is waiting at the airport/station. There are so many cancellations of flights and buses all the time that you many have to wait all day. This reminds me of one of my travel experiences when I had to hang around the shops at the airport for over 14 hours, due to bad weather. And believe me, this can unnerve even the most patient person!

Second, homesickness. It kills me every time I’m away from home for more than 10 days. To my mind, it’s not only me.

But no matter what, I would definitely recommend to you not to miss even the slightest chance to travel. There are lots of so overwhelmingly marvellous places which anyone should visit at least once in their life! Is there anyone who doesn’t agree with me?

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