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Informal Letter - Favourite Movie

 Informal Letter, FCE Exam - Favourite Movie

  This sample Informal Letter for FCE Exam comes with marked mistakes. See what are some possible errors and misspellings. Enjoy!

Dear Jane,

I got (received) your letter yesterday. It was very nice hearing from you. I’ve been studying very hard these days for my Chemistry exam. But now some free time came up, so we can meet.

I checked the cinema program and guess what favourite movie “Scent of a Woman” is on the screen now! You know I’ve seen it a hundretd times, but I will enjoy seeing it again. My exam is in two days, so we can go after thant. Do you fancy having a pizza after the movie?

You remember Tom and Frank from my class, don’t you? They are also interested in coming, it’ll be funnier. Why don’t we meet at 6 p.m. in front of the cinema? If something comes up, text me.

Lots of love,


Essay - Will computers take over the world - version 2

Model answer - Essay

Will computers take over the world

Nowadays, in the century of advancing communications and technology our life is influenced by the most recent and breathtaking invention – the computer. Its putting into practice is in almost every sphere of life and, in my view, there will come years when it will replace man. They spread out like mushrooms.

In the first place, the machine is very good at its functions. It does tasks faster, finds solutions to problems and saves time. One of the most important advantages of computers is that they never get tired and are efficient all day long.

Moreover, computers are an inevitable part of the modern world but they depend completely on man. They are man’s creatures and receive his commands. The most essential difference between the machine and a human being is intelligence. Computers’ development is in the hands of their creator.

It is a general truth that Internet is a good opportunity to make reliable communication with people from all over the world and dip into the depths of useful information. However, it is also a threat. The artificial, electronic world it presents alienates people from reality.

Computers are really important for big companies and in big factories they run most of the machines and control production. As a result, the unemployment rate is getting higher and higher. I think that gradually computers will replace people in many of their duties.

Furthermore, computers are a passion for a lot of children. Their childhood is burdened by the computer games that deprive them of playing outside.

To sum up, computers can’t really think about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. But the programmer can unconsciously give them an opportunity to replace human beings and penetrate into human’s life of emotions.

Competition Entry - A day with my idol

Example of Competition Entry for Certificate of  Advanced English Cambridge Exam

Topic: A day with my idol

A famous person I would like to meet and get to know is Gisele Bundchen. She is a Brazilian model at the age of 28. Gisele grew up in a poor family with 5 siblings, including her twin sister. She has coped with many difficulties in order to succeed and to become the most well- known name in the industry. She managed to survive from an early age in an unfamiliar world, far from her home. This harsh industry did not only make her stronger but also taught her how unimportant skin – deep beauty is.

What I like about her is her persistence and will to succeed. In my opinion, having achieved so many things, she must be not only beautiful but also very intelligent.

The day I met Gisele I would like to do a lot of different things. For example – go for a walk or shopping, go to a cafe, etc. It doesn’t really matter where we would go; the most important thing is that she would be with me and I’m sure we would have a lot of fun together. I would be really glad if she told me about some of the most important experiences and gave me useful advice, how to succeed in the world of fashion.

In conclusion, I will say that a day with Gisele would be a dream coming true and I would never forget our meeting.

Competition Entry - Issues of Travelling

Sample answer for CAE writing task: Competition Entry

A Deceiving Temptation or a Really Unforgettable Experience? 

Would you like to have the opportunity to go wherever you want? Well, I think, I know the answer! Because mine is the same! It’s true that nowadays travelling has broadly become one of the trendiest and most expensive hobbies in the world. Most people prefer spending their holidays in some exotic locations to “wasting” their time at home. And I completely understand them!

But let’s consider the matter from every possible angle! Undoubtedly, there are some very unpleasant disadvantages, which are capable of ruining even the best-organised journey! And although many people are ready to neglect them in favour of their final dream destination, I think that they need to be taken into account.

In the first place, in my opinion, the most annoying thing is waiting at the airport/station. There are so many cancellations of flights and buses all the time that you many have to wait all day. This reminds me of one of my travel experiences when I had to hang around the shops at the airport for over 14 hours, due to bad weather. And believe me, this can unnerve even the most patient person!

Second, homesickness. It kills me every time I’m away from home for more than 10 days. To my mind, it’s not only me.

But no matter what, I would definitely recommend to you not to miss even the slightest chance to travel. There are lots of so overwhelmingly marvellous places which anyone should visit at least once in their life! Is there anyone who doesn’t agree with me?

Story - I walked out of the house with only the clothes on my back

FCE Story - First Sentence - I walked out of the house with only the clothes on my back 

I walked out of the house with only the clothes on my back and only my handkerchief in my pocket. My heart was filled with fury and shame, my face was all in tears. My father’s angry words were still ringing in my ears, “You, little sluggard! Are you going to hang about this house forever? It’s high time you found a respectable job and earned your own living!” We had started quarreling again and I got so excited that I slammed the front door behind me and ran away. I thought of my aunt living in a nearby town – she put me up for a few weeks until I found a job. Unfortunately, I had missed the last bus, so hitch – hiking was my only change. I had not waited for long when a car pulled by. A handsome man with sharp grey eyes and a charming suite asked me if I was going in the same direction. I nodded. “Get right in.” 

In a minute we were engaged in conversation. I mentioned the quarrel with my father, complained about his rudeness and said how difficult it was to choose a job. I just couldn't imagine myself behind the counter of our family shop – it was so boring! To my surprise, my companion agreed: “I have always loved freedom and adventures, conventional jobs really get me down!” We continued chatting until the outskirts of the town appeared in front of us. When we arrived at my aunt’s place I thanked my friend heartily for the lift. “It was a pleasure”, he said. “Good bye and good luck in your future career.” 

A month later I finally reconciled with my father and visited him. I was surprised to hear that on the day of my leaving our shop had been burgled. “Fortunately, there was a witness and the thief was quickly caught. 

And he showed me a newspaper. I had just recognized in the photo my charming friend!

Essay - Spare the rod and spoil the child

TOEFL paper essay example

Children & Physical Punishment, Should parents use corporal punishment to discipline children?

(Is corporal punishment – beating, slapping, spanking – a good way to make children behave?)

Problems between parents and children are something quite usual - they appear at the very moment when the child becomes aware of his own personality. The conflict is inevitable – both the parents and the child want to have the last say. When the parents “win” in most of the “fights”, the child becomes shy, withdrawn; he / she doesn’t dare to do or ask anything in order not to be punished.

Punishment (whatever it may be) is a double – edged sword. Kids act on instinct, they rarely realize what exactly they are doing. Of course, as a result, they frequently make mistakes. If the parents are extremely strict and discipline the child quite often, they may destroy his / her future. From a psychological point of view, it is much more important to bring up a cheerful, happy offspring than to ruin their inner world.

On the other hand, punishment cannot be absolutely rejected. There are certain cases when a kid has to realize that sooner or later it will account for his / her mischiefs. What is more, chastise will almost certainly arouse hatred and other negative emotions, forgiveness can cause remorse and unexpected apology.

In conclusion, I’d like to point out that a loving parent can achieve much more than a strict one who too often tries to stick to his principles. Instead of saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, I’d rather put emphasise on the fact that children do not need rods but love and tenderness.

Notes!!!Too general at places. Needs more arguments for advantages and disadvantages.

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