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Article - The stylish lifelong ambition

FCE Article - The stylish lifelong ambition

     Have you ever been impressed by the design of an old castle or a magnificent hotel? Well, if the answer is yes then you can absolutely understand my fascination with interior design! I have dreamt of becoming such a designer since I was a little kid and it has become my lifelong ambition. 

     So, what does it take to become a successful interior designer? Well, first of all, you should be absolutely outstanding in drawing. Of course, not everyone is born with such a talent. But nowadays this is something everyone can learn. I’ve been going on these courses where they teach you how to draw correctly and precisely since I was 5 years old and I have done a lot of drawing so far. 

    Another essential skill is being good at maths. You have to be able to make all the required calculations in a project so that everything is precise. This, of course, is not an easy job for many people! However, I have always been good at maths. I have won several competitions so far and I am really interested in this subject. 

     Last, but not least if you want to become a successful designer, you should do lots of extra work and practising in order to achieve your goal. I, myself, have sacrificed my social life to practise drawing and solve math problems, which has also cost me lots of sleepless nights. What’s more, since I have books about its styles and fashions so that I’m familiar with the aspects of my dream job. 

     To sum up, I’d say that everybody has a lifelong ambition but whether you will fulfil it is a matter of not only trying hard, but also some appropriate help. And with the help of an expert on “Masterclasses” I think everyone is able to turn their dreams into reality!

Proposal - Organisation of 20th anniversary of a company

Proposal - Organisation of 20th anniversary of a company

CAE Exam Writing Task - Sample Answer

The aim of this proposal is to provide suitable recommendations concerning the organisation of the 20th anniversary of our company. We were asked to write it, so we undertook research through a survey.

Additional Information

As the company will celebrate its anniversary next year, we reckon that the event we plan should be impressive in order never to be forgotten. Therefore, our final suggestion is to organise a luxurious cocktail party combined with a fancy dress party. Thus the event will appeal to everybody’s taste – no matter whether the guests prefer formal and smart or casual and spontaneous social evenings. Furthermore, every single detail of the organisation should be carefully scrutinised if we don’t want to create a negative impression.


The ideal event we could arrange should have three main features.

  1.  We should make sure that everybody, who is in charge of the company or of great importance to it, has been invited. That way we will avoid eventual troubles that may appear afterwards.
  2.  Special dress code should be required for example, all the guests will be asked beforehand to wear costumes only in black and white. Thus, the event will attract everybody’s attention.
  3. Representatives of the media should be invited to participate. This way we could raise public awareness of the event.


A 20th anniversary is a day that should remain memorable for everybody. If you take my suggestions into consideration, I assure you that this party could set its mark on the company’s history.

How to write an essay for new CAE format 2015

How to write an essay for new CAE format 2015

I suppose many of you are wondering how to write the new CAE essay. Guess what, I have good news for you! It’s easier than the old one. What do you have to do?

You are given notes on a topic – three bullet points. What you have to do is select two and dwell on them. Forget about the third one. You have to explain which of the two is more important and give reasons.

Below the notes you will find three related opinions. However, you are not obliged to use them. If you decide to do so, you should use your own words, i.e. paraphrase them. Bearing in mind this is not easy, I would simply recommend that you do not to use them at all.

What should your essay consist of:

PARAGRAPH 1 – INTRODUCTION. What you have to do is introduce the topic (go from general to concrete). I would suggest three sentences here. Make the third one a question.

PARAGRAPH 2 – Discuss the first bullet point. Write a good topic sentence and give reasons to support your argument. Point out advantages and maybe also disadvantages (on the other hand, it is ....). Use examples where possible.

PARAGRAPH 3 – Discuss the second bullet point you have chosen in a similar way. It’s not obligatory to point disadvantages again (bear in mind you have to write up to 260 words).

PARAGRAPH 4 – CONCLUSION. State your opinion. Write two or three sentences. Point out clearly which of the two discussed aspects is more important, on the basis of what you have written above. The conclusion should put a full stop to what you have written and not open a new argument.



Semi-formal to formal. Be objective and not too emotional. Avoid too expressive words (amazing, magnificent, disgusting).


Use various structures and vocabulary with more set phrases and idioms. Pay special attention to appropriate linking devices.


Introducing the topic: Some people believe that, It is often said that.

Supporting your argument: Firstly, Secondly, Last but not least.

Adding information: In addition, Furthermore, What is more, Moreover.

Expressing an opposite point of view: On the other hand.

Summing up: In conclusion, To sum up.


BE always to the point. While writing the essay, look at the instructions from time to time and make sure you do not deviate from them. Leave enough time to check your essay.

N.B.!!! READ as many good models as you can find, analyse them carefully and try to figure out their structure (identify introduction, arguments and conclusion). Underline linking devices and try to remember them, as well as interesting phrases, vocabulary and idioms.

My advice is to have a special notebook, in which to copy the models.

If you are still wondering how to put this into practice look at our essays.


Review - A castle "Palace of Versailles"

Review - A castle "Palace of Versailles"

Magnificent palaces and castles have intrigued people ever since the beginning of tourism. But there are very few, which everyone must see during their life, and one of them is Palace of Versailles in France.

The palace was built under the orders of the French King Louis XIII in the early seventeenth century but it was used as a hunting lodge. However, the building became famous for its next habitant – Louis XIV who used it as a residence. From this moment the hunting lodge in the village of Versailles became known as the Palace of Versailles where the King Louis XIV lived with his family and friends. 

Nowadays, the palace is in the suburbs of Paris and is one of the biggest palaces in Europe. There are 700 rooms in it, decorated with more than 7000 paintings and 5000 pieces of furniture. Each room is incredibly beautiful and can leave a person speechless. However, what makes this palace unique are its breathtaking gardens.

This building is one of the must – sees in France. It has also proved to be one of the most profitable sights in the country. The palace has made the village Versailles very popular among tourists and, with its thousands of visitors every season, it has become an inspiration for the locals. 

I strongly suggest that you should visit the Palace of Versailles if you happen to go in France, because it is one of the most impressive buildings in Europe.

Note! Make it more personal and emotional

Essay - Playing computer games

Sample essay for new FCE format 2015

More and more young people spend most of their time playing computer games. How can we help children to overcome this addiction?


Write about
  1. bad grades at school
  2. no social life
  3. ...(your own idea)

It is true that computer games are becoming more and more popular these days. Especially children spend a lot of time fighting virtual monsters and conquering worlds . What are the effects of this phenomenon?

In the first place, bad grades at school. The time spent in front of the computer  ”eats up”  the time for preparing the lessons. This inevitably leads to lower achievement at school.

Another negative side is worsening children’s social life. They often prefer making virtual allies to making real friends. Computer games considerably lessen the quality time spent  with peers.

What can be done about this? To begin with, parents should dedicate more time to their children, trying to explain the minuses  of  too much playing on the PC. Also, they should more often take them outdoors, to parks and tennis courts. Besides, they could urge them to join different clubs and activities, where they could meet other children.  

To sum up, it’s  a fact that computer addiction has become a real problem nowadays. There are , however, ways to reduce its  negative effects. The important thing is for its scale to be limited under the careful eye of a parent.  

Essay - Which facilities are needed most in your area?

 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015 

Which facilities are needed most in your area?

(Sample essay) 

Which facilities are needed most in your area? 
  • car park
  • sport centre
  • history museum
Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility is needed most in your area, giving reasons in support of your answer. 

Undoubtedly, both a sport centre and a car park would be of substantial importance to our area. They would both contribute immensely to respectively the health of the residents and alleviating the situation with parking. But the question is which one is needed more. 

To begin with, a sport centre would make happy the youngsters in our neighbourhood. They are the ones who are mainly attracted to such places. However, it would be of use not only to them. The new facilities could bring about improving the health of children and adults, as well, and keeping them fit and in good shape. Also, elderly people could benefit from a sport centre by joining clubs and activities appropriate for their age. 

On the other hand, a car park is badly needed by people doing their shopping in the area, especially at the market place. It is true they are having a problem finding a lot to park near it. The situation is particularly unpleasant at weekends when all the nearby streets are crammed with parked cars. This causes considerable inconvenience to the local people. 

In conclusion, if we compare the pluses for our community from both facilities, the advantages of a sport centre would outweigh, in my opinion, those of a car park. Although the latter is a necessity to be dealt with in the near future, the former is indeed needed more at the moment. The health of the community should be number one priority of the local authorities.
(249 words)

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