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Essay on Pollution - 2015 new FCE format

Essay on Pollution - 2015 new FCE format

Pollution is the most common problem in all countries in the world. It is caused by human's activity and it is getting even worse.

First, one of the major causes of transport is air pollution. The exahausted fumes that cars emit pollute the air. Also, many trees are cut down in order to provide space for building roads. In my opnion, people should start using more public transport or bicycles instead of cars. In that way, there will be fewer traffic jams and less air pollution.

The second problem concerns the water sources of the Earth. Tons of waste and filthy water are being dumped in seas and rivers. The pollution of the waters kills fish and destroys underwater life. The only solution is that we should stop using seas and rivers as a waste bin.

Another way we can help the environment is to start recycling. This is probably the most effective way to reduce waste and prevent the environment from pollution.

In conclusion, the Earth is our home and it is our duty to keep it clean. We should stop wasting the treasures of our planet and should start using them in an eco – friendly way.

How to write an essay for new FCE format 2015

How to write an essay for new FCE format 2015

While writing the new CAE essay seems easier than the old one, I cannot say the same about the new FCE essay.To my mind, it's more demanding than the CAE essay. Anyway, we have to cope with it.


Read your task carefully. Start the introduction with a general sentence,related to the topic. Add a second sentence that narrows down the subject. TWO sentences are usually enough for your introduction but you can also have a third sentence-a rhetorical question, related to your task(check our models).


Develop the first argument in the second paragraph. Remember ,you don't have too many words on the whole(190)3 sentences should be enough.You can point out pros and cons(but not at any rate) and even give a short example.What you will include,depends on the topic.


Proceed in the same way with the second argument.


This you will find the most difficult one.Think carefully about YOUR argument and try to think of something that is TO THE POINT and is at the same time SUBSTANTIAL-not just something related to the topic.Develop it like paragraphs 2 and 3.

I recommend 3 sentences for each of the arguments.Of course,you can have 4 for one of them and then 2 for the next one.Not that there are any formal requirements-it's just the very limited number of words that dictates it.But,again,the number of sentences depends on their length.Avoid too long sentences.

You may ask where to include the given opinions.My advice is not to include them at all,since they are not mandatory.Otherwise you would risk copying parts of them,which is not expected from you.


And finally,the conclusion.My experience shows this is the most difficult part.It should follow naturally from what you have written up to now 2, maximum 3 sentences should be enough.The concluding sentence is of particular importance.It should' put the full stop' and not open a new argument or lead into a new direction.Make it genral enough.On the whole ,in the conclusion you are expected to express your opinion very clearly and to the point.

Language: The language you use should be fairly neutral. Avoid contractions and colloquial words and phrases. It's very important to use proper LINKING DEVICES

to begin with,in the first place, first(ly)
moreover, furthermore(more formal)
in addition,besides(less formal)
on the other hand,conversely
to sum up


1/After you have acquainted yourself with these notes,read as many good essays as you can.
2/Try to investigate their structure and argumentation ,identify the different paragraphs,pay attention to and underline interesting phrases and linking devices
3/Copy useful language or even whole essays in a special Writing Notebook
4/Write as many essays as you can and have a good tutor to check them

Essay - If you could have any job anywhere in the world what would you choose and why version 2

If you could have any job anywhere in the world what would you choose and why version 2

Choosing a job is a difficult and challenging task, which almost everyone has to face. In their decisions some people are guided by their desire to serve God, others want to help humanity or simply to support their families. 

My personal ambition is to become an interpreter in a foreign company in my home country. To make my choice, I have taken into consideration a number of factors.

First of all, I’d like to be an interpreter because I love learning and practising languages. They put me in touch with different cultures and unfamiliar traditions. Moreover, I would be able to apply the knowledge accumulated during my school years. It would also give me a chance to meet with many people from different countries and travel around the world.

Secondly, I’d choose a foreign firm to work for, because it would ensure me a higher standard of living. For example, it would give me a respectable social status and a big enough salary. I would also have more opportunities for a promotion and a future career. 

Last but not least, I would like to work in my home country. I want to be close to my family and support them in times of need. I would also love to see my sister growing up and be her reliable and trusty friend. Furthermore, I feel that I would be better appreciated by my colleagues and would work in a familiar, comfortable environment. In addition, being born and having spent my happiest years in this country, I would like to work for its benefit. 

From childhood, I have always loved dreaming about my future life as an adult. But would this fantasy be just another castle in the air? We’ll wait and see.

Article - Happiness is a state of mind - version 2

FCE exam article example - Happiness is a state of mind

All around the world people talk how they are not happy, or how they have to pay taxes and go to work every morning and so on. Won’t you agree there is something else behind these words?

There are people who are always talking about their problems. These people won’t be happy soon. They are waiting for happiness to come to them. But the truth is that you have to find it on your own.

On the other hand, there are other people who talk about their successes and what they have achieved. They are not truly happy. If you are truly happy and satisfied with your life, you won’t talk about this, because you’ll be busy being happy.

You have to find your own version of happiness. You have to understand what makes you feel good. Then you’ll be truly happy. Don’t you agree that it is just a state of mind? You can’t touch it or smell it but you feel it. That is the most important thing – you have to feel that your life is fulfilled.

Description - Greatest Disappointment

Describe the greatest disappointment in your life

(Sample Description)

Human life is full of nice and bad things. Disappointment, happiness, luck, sorrow, sadness or joy – they always take turns. The most important, in my opinion, is for people to accept the things the way they are. However, it is difficult because things just happen and nobody asks you: “Can you survive this?”. We must be strong and brave, we must go ahead with hope and faith. 

Like every human being, I’ve experienced both the beautiful and ugly sides of life. Disappointments are terribly unpleasant and painful because they affect your feelings. How can I say which is my greatest disappointments when it always hurts? It hurts especially when all your hopes, efforts, dreams and opportunities go to hell. It has happened to me not once but I remember this. 

It was two years ago when I was offered to go and study at a University in London after school. It sounded great and I couldn’t miss this chance so I began to study English hard. I even went to London last summer where I attended in English course for foreigners. During my stay in England I had to decide if I really wanted to be a part of this city and this society. I got used to life there and I liked it very much. I also learned not to miss my relatives and country so much when eventually I was told the plans had changed and I couldn’t continue my study at a university there. It was a real shock, like the strongest and the most painful stop in my face. 

That’s life. I had to survive the pain, to forget my beautiful plans. It was very hard. Now I try to be wiser facing problems. I’ve realized that I must face reality no matter how nice or bad it is, I’ve understand I must rely only on myself because my happiness and successful future depends on me and my faith in life.

Essay - What are the main problems young people face nowadays? Version 3

What are the main problems young people face nowadays? Version 3 

Sample essay answer

Young people from every generation have their own problems, aims, desires. They think they can change the world and life as a whole. The future of their nation is in their hands and they are the ones who write its history.

Nowadays, the young people in my home country face many problems. One of them is unemployment. After finishing their higher education, they try to search for a job but it is not that easy. Or, if they manage to find a job, they are often underpaid. This is one of the most serious problems in our country. In most cases this is the reason why many young people emigrate and search for better life in other countries. 

Drug abuse and alcohol are other serious problems nowadays. During the past years the number of drug addicts in our country has become 40,000. This is very frightening and our society must do something for those who destroy their lives. They live in their own, imaginary world which brings them finally to their death. In my view, our society is not ready yet to realise the seriousness of this problem and help those in need. 

Another problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want, but do not know what to do with it. We are free to do what we want to say, what we think, but it seems we can’t realise the meaning of word “freedom”. We do not know how to use our freedom to make things better. 

To conclude, I would say that it has always been easier to write and talk about the problems of the young people than to try to solve them. Young people are strong and optimistic but they want society to pay them more attention. Sometimes they need our help, and I think that we all must try to make things better for them.    

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