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Article - Science can be fun!

Sample FCE article on the topic - Science can be fun!

(attending a science conference)

Is science the most boring subject at school for you? I have to confess that I was of the same opinion two weeks ago. My view changed when I attended a science conference for young people in Cardiff. In fact, there were shown many different aspects of science and was given information, which was on completely different topics from the ones we study at school. The three days spent there really opened my eyes to what’s going on in science nowadays and what job opportunities I can find. 

At the conference, I met many students. They were from different countries, so the working language was English, which was an advantage for me. Another thing which impressed me was the various experiments shown to us. I appreciated the efforts of the conductors but I have to say that it was difficult for everyone to observe because there were too many people in such a small laboratory. 

To my great disappointment, the food was too expensive. But if you took your own lunch you’d be OK! I also hope that next year the conference would be hold in a different venue because this year we were far from the town. 

I strongly advise you all to go and see exactly what the possibilities are. This conference presents science in a different light. All the new things you will learn may also change your plans for the future.

Essay - The problem of my generation is .. version 2

The problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want but we do not know what to do with it.

There are a lot of problems which have an awful impact on our generation. One of them, probably the most serious, is the one connected with the question “What can we do with our freedom and our spare time?” And everyone gives his own answer, which, in fact, shows his inner world and his attitude to life. 

I don’t think we don’t know what to do with our spare time. Just because we have a lot of freedom, we can do whatever you want. It’s wonderful to feel free and do all sorts of things, forbidden by your parents. You do them for a year or two but then you get exhausted by the non – changing everyday life. Then comes the real problem – some decide to amuse themselves with drugs, alcohol or other things which are very dangerous for their health. These young boys and girls do not understand what they are doing to themselves. They just enjoy their new lives. Others “retire” from their social “social” positions and definitely change their minds. A lot of my friends have suffered such a development that I can’t recognize them. In the past they used to go to discos and other interesting places but now they prefer to stay at home all alone. 

I can understand those people because I belong to their class – we are exhausted from being prematurely grown up and now we just want to turn our attention to ourselves. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what to do with our freedom. We know perfectly well how to use it but we are not sure that’s worth. We have found the importance of education and to some extent we have become careerists. It is awful to see how some of your closest friends are becoming complete failures. These are the people who, in fact, don’t know what to do with their freedom and exactly this lack of knowledge has led them to things which will ruin their life. 

I’m happy that we have the freedom but I think it is not a thing for everyone. It is good only for those who are very sensible, can rule their own lives and can avoid the wicked things which surround us.

Essay - new FCE format 2015 - Obesity in young people

 FCE new format 2015 essay - Obesity in young people



Write an essay about the problem of obesity in young people. Write an essay using all notes and give reasons for your point of view.
In Europe and the USA a lot of young people have an obesity problem. What can be done to solve this problem?


Write about:
1. Drinking
2. Fast food
3........ (your own idea)

Sample Answer: 

Many people around the world are suffering from obesity. For me, the solution to this wide-spread problem is breaking the bad habits and starting a new, healthy way of life.
First of all, the majority of teenagers nowadays drink alcohol. They do it for fun at parties, without realising how serious this is. On the one hand, it kills their brain cells and, on the other, it contains a lot of calories and leads to gaining weight. Shops shouldn’t sell alcohol to teenagers and elders should replace it with water and fresh juice.
Moreover, in this busy world we often don’t have the time to sit and eat at home so we buy fast food. Any kind of snacks, burgers and sweets are harmful to us because they contain a lot of fats, used cooking oil and artificial sweeteners. Making a sandwich at home and taking an apple for school or work are possible options. I think the natural products will give us energy and health.
Last but not least, to reach the wanted weight, we have to put our body in a move. Actually, there’s no need to practise a certain sport. Exercise at home or in the park two or three times per week is enough to keep us in shape. Basically, losing weight by training is easier and more pleasant by dieting.
In conclusion everything depends on our own will. Avoiding junk food, reduce drinking and starting to exercise are three great ways to start a new page of your life. Obesity should become a thing of the past and it is our task to make the needed changes for this to become a reality.  

Teacher’s notes:

2nd paragraph: Don’t talk about alcohol in general; only in relation to obesity.
3rd  paragraph: Make clear the connection to obesity.
  • The problems should not be discussed in general but only in relation to obesity.
  • Too long.

Report on exchange programme, staying in Italy

Example of report on exchange programme, staying in Italy 


The aims of this report are to provide an overview of my participation in the exchange programme “Italy” and my exchange partner’s previous stay in my home country.

About my visit

Everything was perfectly organized. I stayed at the place of Jean Luca, who was in charge of the exchange program. I was invited to take part in a lot of events, which were held especially for the occasion – for example, fancy dress parties and cocktail – parties. I was given the change to visit a lot of interesting historic spots and do some sightseeing all around Italy. The programme involved a few theatre visits to plays, I had never seen.

The comparison

Both visits (to my home country and Italy) have their advantages and drawbacks. I tried to mark off the main ones and here they are.

1. More social events were offered in Italy. That is why their part of the programme was better developed than in my country.

2. On the other hand, all the points included in the exchange plan didn’t have the intention to make me acquainted with the local culture, which can be regarded as a big disadvantage.

3. I wasn’t given the change to socialise with new people as the programme was intense. Taking this fact into consideration, we should reckon that the pauses between events we contemplated were actually a great idea.


To recapitulate, I will draw attention to the fact that the exchange programme I participated in was very beneficial and expanded my knowledge about the county and the local traditions and customs.

Formal letter - complaint about concert

A formal letter/email of complaint about “Fairplay”(fictional band) concert

Dear Mr Wilden,

I am writing to you to complain about the concert of “Fairplay” that you organised. 

There were a series of problems about the concert. First of all, in my opinion, the ticket price was too high, and it was not worth it, provided the concert was awful.

Second, all the seats were taken and we couldn’t see anything. Nevertheless, we had been standing for an hour when we decided to leave, because we were too tired.

Furthermore, the support act wasn’t good at all. In fact, I think they were up on the stage longer than “Fairplay”. My friends, who I went to the concert with, were also disappointed by the fact that there wasn’t a bar or at least somewhere to buy drinks in the hall. However, what I liked about the concert was that the band really did a great job and gave a good performance. 

In my opinion, my friends and everyone at the concert should be given at least a refund. I expect my letter will be taken into consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely,

Robert Gates.

Essay - Is science evil?

Model Essay on the topic " Is science evil? " 

Is science evil? People’s opinions on this question differ widely. I think that science has altered our lives in a positive way. Here are some facts to support my view. 

First of all, I should say that life nowadays is unthinkable without science. In the century of advancing communications and technology it is hard to imagine the world without medicine, astronomy, computers, and history. People today are interested in learning about the surrounding world, about new civilizations and distant planets. Science explains to us a lot of the things that we previously were not aware of. Without its help, for example, we would have never realized were we have come from. It also gives us clues that there may be life on other planets and we might not be the most superior beings in the world. 

By using computers nowadays it is very convenient to find the information you are looking for. 

There is no secret for the human beings today because they have explored every place on the Earth. They climb the highest mountains, dive in the depths of oceans, and conduct dangerous experiments and all for the sake of science. The present belief is that scientific approach will solve all the problems and do away with all difficulties. With its help, for example, people are able to cope with natural disasters. We know how to destroy hail clouds which can cause great damage to our crops. We are also able to protect ourselves from various diseases and help the sick. That is why science is so significant nowadays.

On the other hand, the greatness of science goes together with its disadvantages. For example, we are obliged to agree that science has given no answer to man’s doubts. The obsession to know everything has urged some of us to make dangerous experiments for which we pay with our lives. 

To conclude with, I will only say that science makes our lives easy. With its help we cope with different situations and that is why it is so fundamental to human existence and I think is not evil.

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