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Description - Greatest Disappointment

Describe the greatest disappointment in your life

(Sample Description)

Human life is full of nice and bad things. Disappointment, happiness, luck, sorrow, sadness or joy – they always take turns. The most important, in my opinion, is for people to accept the things the way they are. However, it is difficult because things just happen and nobody asks you: “Can you survive this?”. We must be strong and brave, we must go ahead with hope and faith. 

Like every human being, I’ve experienced both the beautiful and ugly sides of life. Disappointments are terribly unpleasant and painful because they affect your feelings. How can I say which is my greatest disappointments when it always hurts? It hurts especially when all your hopes, efforts, dreams and opportunities go to hell. It has happened to me not once but I remember this. 

It was two years ago when I was offered to go and study at a University in London after school. It sounded great and I couldn’t miss this chance so I began to study English hard. I even went to London last summer where I attended in English course for foreigners. During my stay in England I had to decide if I really wanted to be a part of this city and this society. I got used to life there and I liked it very much. I also learned not to miss my relatives and country so much when eventually I was told the plans had changed and I couldn’t continue my study at a university there. It was a real shock, like the strongest and the most painful stop in my face. 

That’s life. I had to survive the pain, to forget my beautiful plans. It was very hard. Now I try to be wiser facing problems. I’ve realized that I must face reality no matter how nice or bad it is, I’ve understand I must rely only on myself because my happiness and successful future depends on me and my faith in life.

Essay - What are the main problems young people face nowadays? Version 3

What are the main problems young people face nowadays? Version 3 

Sample essay answer

Young people from every generation have their own problems, aims, desires. They think they can change the world and life as a whole. The future of their nation is in their hands and they are the ones who write its history.

Nowadays, the young people in my home country face many problems. One of them is unemployment. After finishing their higher education, they try to search for a job but it is not that easy. Or, if they manage to find a job, they are often underpaid. This is one of the most serious problems in our country. In most cases this is the reason why many young people emigrate and search for better life in other countries. 

Drug abuse and alcohol are other serious problems nowadays. During the past years the number of drug addicts in our country has become 40,000. This is very frightening and our society must do something for those who destroy their lives. They live in their own, imaginary world which brings them finally to their death. In my view, our society is not ready yet to realise the seriousness of this problem and help those in need. 

Another problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want, but do not know what to do with it. We are free to do what we want to say, what we think, but it seems we can’t realise the meaning of word “freedom”. We do not know how to use our freedom to make things better. 

To conclude, I would say that it has always been easier to write and talk about the problems of the young people than to try to solve them. Young people are strong and optimistic but they want society to pay them more attention. Sometimes they need our help, and I think that we all must try to make things better for them.    

Report - Anniversary Event

Report for Anniversary Event - FCE or CAE


The aim of this report is to give you ideas about what can be organised in order to celebrate your 20th anniversary.


One of the most appropriate events for this celebration is a concert. I am of the opinion that you will not only enjoy yourselves at this party but will also meet a lot of new people. We intend to invite all sorts of people so that you can share your happiness with them.

Another option is to go to a fancy restaurant. It will be a good place where you can have a nice conversation with your colleagues. What is more, there will be all kinds of dishes and we hope that you will appreciate such a variety.


If you choose the first idea, we can invite singers who you like and will enjoy listening to. We will also hire an agency, which will take care of the lights on the stage and of the sound. If you go for the other suggestion, we will immediately make a reservation at a restaurant, which you will choose. We will also take care of everything in order for you to have a good time – music, DJ, nice food.


To sum up, I want to point out that whatever you decide to do, I am absolutely positive that you will have an amazing time and you will not regret your choice.

Sample Essay - Generation Gap - version 2

Generation Gap - version 2

In every society there is a conflict between the older and the young generation. Some of the young people think that they can learn a lot from the old people but there is always a certain percentage of youths that disagree with the old-fashioned and useless ideas and views.

Of course, no one can deny that the old are more skilled because they have gone through various difficulties and problems. This experience has made them mature and capable of giving useful tips when they are asked for one. If you have a problem you can always consult with your mother or father but this doesn’t mean that you have to obey them or accept their advice as the best thing you can do.

It is a well – known fact that the old people are prejudiced. If you ask them for a tip they will surely give you the one which is the best for your health and physical well – being. They don’t usually think about the way you feel or why you want a certain thing. Their main concern is to protect you. In this way most of the old people and the majority of those who are parents deprive their children of the possibility to make their lives more pleasant and worth living. The lives of the old are dominated by the fear that sometimes bad may happen. They continue to live in a world which is ruled by prejudice and fear without stopping and even looking round because of they do that they will understand their life is useless and there is no point in it. 

As a conclusion I can say that we should not deny the old. Their advice may be useful and we have, at least, to hear it. But, please, let us live our lives the way we want because these are our lives.

Article - Issues of Travelling, version 2

 FCE Article - Issues of Travelling, version 2

Travelling is a very popular activity nowadays. Most of the people take every change to go abroad either to relax somewhere, not disturbed by anyone, or to expand their general knowledge. Nevertheless, like anything else, it has its disadvantages, too. 

First, there is the element of risk in every travel. You have to be aware of the unexpected, otherwise it may play a bad joke on you. That’s why I admire the work of drivers, pilots, etc. – the people who are always on the go, have to be very careful because of the unpredictable dangers their routes may hide. That requires a quick mind and nerves of steel. However, a risky situation may arise not only on the route to a destination, but in the destination itself, for instance a volcano, as the picture shows. Another problem may be unawareness of cultural specifics – and you may end up lying in prison for offensive behaviour! That’s why you’d better always collect information before your departure. 

I believe you’ll agree with me that another negative factor is being away from the family and the loved ones. That is especially hard for the soft-hearted. Gladly, there are many means of communication – the Internet, mobile phones, etc. that will help you keep in touch. The more effective solution, though, is taking your closest people with you on the travel, but unfortunately this is not always possible! 

As a conclusion, I have to say that, in spite of the uncomfortable side of travelling, we shouldn’t neglect the positive one. Not only, can we broaden our horizons, but gain a cosmopolitan outlook on life!

What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?

Essay - What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?  

 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015


What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?
  • a hotel
  • beach volley facilities
  • coffee shops and restaurants

Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility should receive planning permission to be built on the seafront, giving reasons in support of your answer.  

Inappropriate facilities have always been a problem, especially, when it comes to seaside towns. There are many people arguing about building different facilities on the seafront. How can we decide what kind of facilities should receive planning permission.

The first option to consider is beach volley facilities and a park. We all know that sports facilities are a priority. In this way, we should encourage more kids to take up a sport. But if we build a beach volleyball pitch, it will be open only in the summer. What's more, it's better to build a whole new sports centre, where people can practise any sport they want. And it doesn't have to be on the seafront; it can be somewhere near the city centre. A park is also a good idea but most of the seaside towns have a park by the sea, anyway.

A second option would be to build a hotel. It's true that every town needs more open space but it is well-known that one hotel can provide at least twenty working positions to local people. And, in the summer, even more because of the big number of tourists, who come for recreation. A hotel is good investment and many people will benefit from it.

To sum up, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In my view, building a hotel will help local people to find a job easier and will increase the community income.  

!!! Notes - You're in favour of the second option but have written much more about the first one.

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