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Essay - Spare the rod and spoil the child

TOEFL paper essay example

Children & Physical Punishment, Should parents use corporal punishment to discipline children?

(Is corporal punishment – beating, slapping, spanking – a good way to make children behave?)

Problems between parents and children are something quite usual - they appear at the very moment when the child becomes aware of his own personality. The conflict is inevitable – both the parents and the child want to have the last say. When the parents “win” in most of the “fights”, the child becomes shy, withdrawn; he / she doesn’t dare to do or ask anything in order not to be punished.

Punishment (whatever it may be) is a double – edged sword. Kids act on instinct, they rarely realize what exactly they are doing. Of course, as a result, they frequently make mistakes. If the parents are extremely strict and discipline the child quite often, they may destroy his / her future. From a psychological point of view, it is much more important to bring up a cheerful, happy offspring than to ruin their inner world.

On the other hand, punishment cannot be absolutely rejected. There are certain cases when a kid has to realize that sooner or later it will account for his / her mischiefs. What is more, chastise will almost certainly arouse hatred and other negative emotions, forgiveness can cause remorse and unexpected apology.

In conclusion, I’d like to point out that a loving parent can achieve much more than a strict one who too often tries to stick to his principles. Instead of saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, I’d rather put emphasise on the fact that children do not need rods but love and tenderness.

Notes!!!Too general at places. Needs more arguments for advantages and disadvantages.

Proposal - Nominate area for environmental grant

Nominate area for environmental grant. CAE paper - sample proposal


The aim of this proposal is to nominate the area which I am studying in for your programme to receive money for its environment needs. As a result of my wish to be absolutely objective and to make suggestion for improvement, I interviewed more than a hundred people who receive their education in this Scottish territory.

Background information:

Our college was once a pleasant and quiet place, but in the recent years has been terribly damaged by the growing number of tourists. The biggest issue is the awfully – polluted beach. In the previous years, it was an inspiring and romantic place and certainly the most spectacular in the area. However, all of the people interviewed agree that it had turned into a rubbish tip. What is more, the amount of thrash is constantly increasing. According to my fellow students, the other serious problem is the big number of boats in the port, which leads to the pollution of the sea and the extinction of species.


There are a few things that can be done with your financial support

  1. Organizing a big clean-up campaign 
  2. Putting more bins near the beach 
  3. Setting up a system to limit the number of boats 


I assure you that this area deserves your attention. It is not one person’s wish but desire of many to turn it back into the beautiful piece of Heaven it once was.

Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample Essay

Along with all the problems of social character, the problems connected with our environment form the controversial spirit of 20th century. The environmental issue which I consider to be of greatest importance is deforestation. The reasons which have led me to my opinion are several. 

Firstly, from a purely aesthetic point, the cutting of trees and making numerous roads by bulldozers through forest spoil the divine effect of the naturally built scenery. Unfortunately, although some of our mountains are proclaimed national parks, deforestation there still continues. 

One of the most important functions of trees is strengthening the soil layers, so that no or little erosion occurs. But that is not so when there is a clearing. Multiple small spring streams run through the treeless land, carrying away its most fertile soil. 

Deforestation, especially where many animals and plants exist, causes irrevocable problems – extinction of known and unknown species, Clearing cannot provide enough food or shelter for all living creatures of an eco system because what is left is only a remnant of former natural habitat. 

The industrialized world we live in seems to gradually poison the earth’s nature. We cannot stop the progress of technology, nor can we decline the facilities it offers. That’s why I am not optimistic about the future of nature and mankind. 

The only thing, from my personal viewpoint, I although it may sound a bit cruel, which can save our planet and civilization, is a catastrophe that will awaken the consciousness of all people to the urgent environmental problems.

Essay - What is your idea of success in life?

What is your idea of success in life?

Sample Essay, category: FCE and CAE exams

Ask a thousand people what their idea of successful life is and you will get a thousand different answers. Some think they have to be rich in order to be a success. For others professional realisation is more important than idling around in a luxurious house or spending money on expensive cars and yachts. Yet other people have understood that the support of their family and friends is the thing without which they can fully enjoy neither their wealth nor their job. In my opinion, all these matter because to be a success means to be in harmony with yourself and with the people around.

I think, however, the first priority for having success in life is your relationship with your family and friends. The mere fact that someone cares for you and always stands by you can be considered a success. No one, however rich and educated, can say they have achieved this highest state of human well-being if they have neglected the ones near and dear to them.

Being well- educated, finding and getting the job you like best, putting your heart into it is also of great significance. If you have to do something you either dislike or cannot do, no matter how well- paid you are, you will hardly be happy and satisfied with it. You will probably feel there is something missing and that is the delight and pleasure which favourite activities give us. Doing what we like is one of the things that allow us to consider ourselves achieved the ultimate goal.

Still, there is something else to be added; its importance cannot be underestimated, because having it you can cure most diseases, receive a better education and thus get a better job. And this thing is money. The power it gives, some people say, is the greatest success. However, I cannot agree with this statement. Of course, money helps but it is not the only thing that counts in life.

To sum up, to be a success means not just to have large sums in the bank, not just to get a university diploma or make a career; it is not even just to have a lot of friends. It is a unique combination of all these ingredients. Si, I think, there are hardly people in the world who could say they have achieved it completely.

Description - Ideal House

Describe the ideal house you would design or build if you could. What would be the factors you would take into consideration in arriving at your design?

In our overpopulated world having a house in the country look more like a fantasy than reality. Living in our little flat I have often dreamed of the perfect house I would like to build for my future family. 

I would take into consideration a number of factors in its design. First of all, it would be near the sea which I deeply love. Moreover, it would be intended for rest during the holidays, so peace will be absolutely necessary. We would also choose a place where we could feel safe. There should be convenient transport to the town where we work. We would also like it to be big enough for the whole family and with a modest outward design. 

The house would be a medium-sized villa situated in an open area near the sea shore. It would be within half an hour from the nearest town and close to the main road. There may also be some neighbours in proximity to rely on in case of emergency or criminal offence. 

My ideal house would be two stories high and all of the exterior walls would be covered with green creeping plants. Its interior will depend on three important factors: comfort, light and warmth. Opening the front door, one would find himself in a small hall leading to the living-room. It would be spacious, sunny, with one of the walls made of glass. There would also be a fireplace and a winding staircase to the next floor. The dominant yellow, green and beige colours, together with the light scent of flowers would contribute to the soothing atmosphere. A door would lead to the dining-room and then to the kitchen. It would be spacious and decorated in white, so as to suggest a sense of cleanness and order. 

The second storey would house the three bedrooms – for each of our two children and a double for my husband and me. As an ardent lover of the night sky, I would particularly insist that our bedroom should have a glass roof. 

There would also be bathrooms on each floor and a veranda near the dining room. The kitchen would also look onto a garden-croft, because we would like to grow our own vegetables. 

My ideal house – a sweet dream or an attainable goal? Ask me in ten years.

New CAE exam format-2015 Listening

How does the old CAE exam compare to the new revised CAE exam format - 2015 ?

What follows is a summary of the differences between Listening tasks in the old and the new exams. Suitable for both teachers of English and future CAE exam takers.


Both the old and the new formats last about 40 min and consist of 4 parts with a total of 30 questions. All the texts are heard twice. Each correct answer receives one mark.

Part 1– Multiple choice


Part 1 consisted of three short texts with two three- option multiple-choice questions on each text.


Part 1 consists of three short extracts from exchanges between speakers.There are two multiple-choice questions on each text. Each text is approximately one minute in length. They are on a wide range of topics.

Part 2 – Sentence completion


Part 2 consisted of a monologue, lasting approximately 3 minutes. Candidates had to complete the missing information from a set of eight sentences.


Part 2 consists of a monologue, approximately 3 minutes long. The style is neutral or semi-formal. Candidates have to fill in one gap in each of eight independent sentences. The missing information is either a single word or a short phrase. Correct spelling is essential.

Part 3 – Multiple choice


Part 3 consisted of an interview or discussion, lasting three or four minutes. There used to be six four-option multiple-choice questions.


Part 3 consists of a conversation between two or more speakers of approximately 4 min. There are six multiple-choice questions, each with 4 options.

Part 4 – Multiple matching


Part 4 consisted of 5 short monologues of around 30 seconds each. The whole set was heard once and then repeated. Candidates had to complete two tasks, each with a set of 8 short prompts.


Part 4 consists again of 5 short monologues of approximately 30 seconds each. The style is informal. Each multiple matching task(there are two of them) requires selection of the correct options from a list of 8.

As you can see,Paper 3 has undergone the fewest chnages in comparison with the rest.

All the current listening tasks are retained.

The Part 3 multiple- choice task is slightly changed to focus more on interaction between speakers.

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