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Report - Environmental Conference

Report - Environmental Conference

CAE or FCE exams


The aim of this report is to assess the usefulness of the environmental conference to future students. To prepare it, I attended the conference, which I was paid for by the college.

What the conference did well:

On the whole, the conference was very interesting and some aspects of it were quite good. For instance, there were a lot of very useful handouts containing additional free information about isses discussed in the seminars.

How it could be improved:

However, there are various improvements that could be implemented which would make the conference more effective:

  • The seminars were overbooked so it would probably be better if they are held in bigger rooms. 
  • There were also no interpreters. It would be good if you employ some the next year because they will certainly be of great use to the students. 
  • Also, there was very little time to speak to representatives and that is why there should be fixed time slots for the attendants to talk to them next year. 

The Future:

Overall, it is probably worthwhile sending students in the future, especially if improvements can be implemented, and therefore I would recommend this conference to them.

Article - Issues of Travelling, version 2

 FCE Article - Issues of Travelling, version 2

Travelling is a very popular activity nowadays. Most of the people take every change to go abroad either to relax somewhere, not disturbed by anyone, or to expand their general knowledge. Nevertheless, like anything else, it has its disadvantages, too. 

First, there is the element of risk in every travel. You have to be aware of the unexpected, otherwise it may play a bad joke on you. That’s why I admire the work of drivers, pilots, etc. – the people who are always on the go, have to be very careful because of the unpredictable dangers their routes may hide. That requires a quick mind and nerves of steel. However, a risky situation may arise not only on the route to a destination, but in the destination itself, for instance a volcano, as the picture shows. Another problem may be unawareness of cultural specifics – and you may end up lying in prison for offensive behaviour! That’s why you’d better always collect information before your departure. 

I believe you’ll agree with me that another negative factor is being away from the family and the loved ones. That is especially hard for the soft-hearted. Gladly, there are many means of communication – the Internet, mobile phones, etc. that will help you keep in touch. The more effective solution, though, is taking your closest people with you on the travel, but unfortunately this is not always possible! 

As a conclusion, I have to say that, in spite of the uncomfortable side of travelling, we shouldn’t neglect the positive one. Not only, can we broaden our horizons, but gain a cosmopolitan outlook on life!

What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?

Essay - What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?  

 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015


What kind of facilities should be allowed to be built on the seafront of a seaside town?
  • a hotel
  • beach volley facilities
  • coffee shops and restaurants

Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility should receive planning permission to be built on the seafront, giving reasons in support of your answer.  

Inappropriate facilities have always been a problem, especially, when it comes to seaside towns. There are many people arguing about building different facilities on the seafront. How can we decide what kind of facilities should receive planning permission.

The first option to consider is beach volley facilities and a park. We all know that sports facilities are a priority. In this way, we should encourage more kids to take up a sport. But if we build a beach volleyball pitch, it will be open only in the summer. What's more, it's better to build a whole new sports centre, where people can practise any sport they want. And it doesn't have to be on the seafront; it can be somewhere near the city centre. A park is also a good idea but most of the seaside towns have a park by the sea, anyway.

A second option would be to build a hotel. It's true that every town needs more open space but it is well-known that one hotel can provide at least twenty working positions to local people. And, in the summer, even more because of the big number of tourists, who come for recreation. A hotel is good investment and many people will benefit from it.

To sum up, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In my view, building a hotel will help local people to find a job easier and will increase the community income.  

!!! Notes - You're in favour of the second option but have written much more about the first one.

Essay - Idea of success in life version 3

 Idea of success in life version 3

“Success” – what is hidden behind this word? What does it really mean? Everybody finds a different meaning in it. For some people success is money, power and popularity, for others – love, friends and a good family.
It is difficult for me to answer this question. During the years my idea of success in life has been changing and now I cannot find the reply to the question. “What is your idea of success in life?” . Many times I have been searching for it, but I have never expressed my success in life in such words as wealth, great power, etc. Because I am convinced that money cannot make you happy, although it can help you feel comfortable. 
As I mentioned, before, I have had different opinions on this topic. When I first asked myself and tried to think of an answer, it just came to my mind and everything seemed so simple. It happened when I was living in my own world and dreaming about my prince who would come and take me to the wonderland. The life seemed so easy.
After some years, when I had decided to become a doctor, I wanted to be a well – known specialist and to help people. Then my idea of success in life was to make a career. I wanted to become a great doctor (a surgeon, in particular) but I was thinking of something else as well – a family. I know it’s impossible to be a good mother and careerist at the same time. 
Since I’ve changed my mind, now I don’t bother myself with this problem. I think I’ve finally found the meaning of the word “success” for me it means love, friendship, people, whom I know and I can rely on, a good job.
Sometimes, it is difficult for me to write about my feelings and opinion. I look deep in my heart, try to find the right words but it’s not that simple. Nevertheless, I do not give up!

Report - Competitive sport popular or not? version 2

Competitive sport popular or not? Sample Report


The aims of this report are as follows:

1. Indicate why the members of the sports centre are not taking part in competitive sports.

2. Suggest ideas for encouraging them to participate.

As a preparation for this report, I interviewed students in my college and other young people who have attended the sports centre recently.

Current situation:

The most common opinion among the people who were interviewed, appeared to be that most youngsters enjoy taking part in team sports as they find them social events. Unfortunately, it turned out that a lot of them like competitive sports, as well, but they find the price unreasonable. In addition to this, the changing rooms are considered not large enough, and the young people complain they don’t have enough space to change.


In my view, changes to improve the situation, should be made.

1. The price of participating in competitive sports should be reduced. That way more people will be able to afford it.

2. A greater variety of sports should be included in the programme, such as: football, volleyball and handball. Thus the sports centre will become a place which gathers youngsters with different interests.

3. The gyms and the changing rooms should be repaired and enlarged, so that everybody will be pleased while practising or preparing for the work-out.

In my view, these recommendations will lead to the popularisation not only of competitive sports, but of the sports centre as s whole.

Informal Letter or Email to a Friend - Bad Experience

Informal Letter or Email to a friend - Selling an old camera on an Internet auction site.

Dear Amy, 

How are you doing? We haven’t heard each other for a long time, so I decide to write you a few lines. I also wanted to tell you about bad experience of mine. 

Recently, I ‘ve decided to sell my old camera. Although, it worked very well, I have already saved up for a new one with a better design. That’s why when a friend of mine told me about an auction site she had used before, I quickly signed up to it. 

At first, there was no interest in what I offered but after a few weeks someone wrote to me. I told her everything about the advantages of my device and she seemed very keen to buy it. The only thing that made her hesitate was the price. Then, I explained to her that it was a valuable camera, which is definitely worth its cost and she finally accepted the offer of 200$. In spite of this, she insisted on paying in instalments. Although, this didn’t appeal much to me, I agreed because I thought that there might not be a better customer soon and I needed the money. 

In a week’s time, I sent her the camera and received the expected sum. Unfortunately, I had problems with the action site, which wanted part of the money. What’s even worse, I wasn’t sent any of it the following weeks and nothing could be done about it. Then I realised that auction sites don’t offer enough security and comfort and I advise you never to use one! 

Give my regards to Emma and write soon. 

With love,

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