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Essay - What problems young people face nowadays? version 2

What problems young people face nowadays? version 2

Model Essay

Young people face a lot of problems nowadays. And this is a result of the difficult time in which we all live. Young people are the most vulnerable part of the society, because for the first time, they have to face life on their own. Despite the fact that it may be difficult, they have to struggle for their future. 

The main problem young people face is the difficulty in finding a job. Young people are considered inexperienced and no one is willing to hire them for a position which requires a sense of responsibility. If someone appoints them, the payment is very low and they are used as cheap working class. It is a long and difficult way to the top for the ambitious young people. But if there is a will, there is a way. 

Another problem young people have to deal with is the educational system. There are a lot of universities but not everyone who has a wish to study what he/she wants, has this chance. It is very expensive to study in another town and a lot of people can’t afford it. 

The drug abuse is also an issue which young people have to handle. Desperate with life, they, choose another way of living. A lot of young people get involved in drugs, because they cannot refuse their friends. This causes them a lot of headache. They lose their freedom, families and become dependent. Having once started, it is very difficult for the teenagers to find and follow the right way again.

Young people have a lot of other problems, as well, but they have time to solve them. The whole life is a big struggle and every day there is something new, for which they have to fight. But still, there are a lot of happy moments in life for which it is worth living.


Essay - Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you? version 3

Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample essay

Nowadays an increasing number of people are getting aware of the detrimental effects of industry on nature. Our negligence has led to numerous ecological problems and the environmental issue which is my greatest concern is the pollution in my hometown. The reason is the fact that I live in this area and I am constantly exposed to its unhealthy environment. Moreover, my mother, who is a doctor, has told me about the various diseases caused by pollution. 

It is the air in my hometown that is the most contaminated. Every day many detrimental chemical substances are being reported. 

The sea also suffers from both the waste products poured into it and the petrol leaks from the passing oil tankers. The pollution has put the lives of many animal and plant species in the nearby lakes in danger. 

The main reason for this disastrous ecological state is the fact that both the plant and the town are situated in lowland and the sea breeze spreads the contamination in all directions. Furthermore, the technologies of the plant are outdated and unreliable. The local authorities should take this issue into account. 

In my opinion, there is no prospect of improving the situation in the near future. There are not enough funds for efficient measures to be taken. Besides, the plant is too important for the country’s industry to close down. 

However, if we want to preserve our health, we should demand that certain actions be implemented. For example, the plant must be equipped with purification systems and the most unreliable technologies modernized. Furthermore, there should be stricter safety measures in order to reduce the risk of breakdown. Additionally, greater sanctions should be applied against contamination of the sea. The pollution of the air can also be decreased by planting more trees. 

In conclusion, I’d say that in out striving for economic progress we’ve unnoticeably put our lives in great danger. Contamination can neither be ignored nor concealed any longer and the only thing left to do is face the needed steps to fight it.

Reference- Job application for a English college position

Reference- Job application for a English college position

Mary and I have known each other for almost 6 years as we both worked as volunteers in a children’s center during our studies at university. In the position of a teacher she proved to be very responsible, punctual and everything always went smoothly her. She is undoubtedly trustworthy and efficient and thanks to her cheerful and gregarious personality, she got on very well with everyone. 

Mary was absolutely dedicated to her work with the children and I can definitely say that she is level-headed and creative, managing to entertain the kids every time. She was rarely absent and very supportive to her colleagues when the need arose. Therefore, she was respected by everyone. 

After graduation Mary got the post of a head-teacher to the center and, although I no longer work there, I am positive she has done her best during all those years. 

Mary is proficient in English, French and Russian, which is a great advantage when working in an English college. She also has excellent computer skills and always acts relevantly in any situation. Although she has many talents and qualities, Mary is modest and prefers to keep a low profile. 

For all these reasons I strongly believe that Mary would be an excellent person for the post provided and have no hesitation in supporting her application.

Essay - Which facilities are needed most in your area?

 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015 

Which facilities are needed most in your area?

(Sample essay) 

Which facilities are needed most in your area? 
  • car park
  • sport centre
  • history museum
Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility is needed most in your area, giving reasons in support of your answer. 

Undoubtedly, both a sport centre and a car park would be of substantial importance to our area. They would both contribute immensely to respectively the health of the residents and alleviating the situation with parking. But the question is which one is needed more. 

To begin with, a sport centre would make happy the youngsters in our neighbourhood. They are the ones who are mainly attracted to such places. However, it would be of use not only to them. The new facilities could bring about improving the health of children and adults, as well, and keeping them fit and in good shape. Also, elderly people could benefit from a sport centre by joining clubs and activities appropriate for their age. 

On the other hand, a car park is badly needed by people doing their shopping in the area, especially at the market place. It is true they are having a problem finding a lot to park near it. The situation is particularly unpleasant at weekends when all the nearby streets are crammed with parked cars. This causes considerable inconvenience to the local people. 

In conclusion, if we compare the pluses for our community from both facilities, the advantages of a sport centre would outweigh, in my opinion, those of a car park. Although the latter is a necessity to be dealt with in the near future, the former is indeed needed more at the moment. The health of the community should be number one priority of the local authorities.
(249 words)

Essay - A walking tour through the country is the only way to know the country

 A walking tour through the country is the only way to know the country

Sample essay

Experience is always a better teacher than information. You hear and learn all sorts of things, but the information you receive does not give you a full picture of life. Everybody will agree that only after visiting a country, you get to know it, because when you’ve already made a walking tour through it, you find out that the information you have about this country is not complete and sometimes even wrong. Some of the things you can learn after paying a visit to a country are: the people’s manners, the cuisine’s taste; and you can have a view of the historical and other places of cultural interest. 

Firstly, you can read information about local customs and manners but human psyche is very complex and no one can describe it. When you find a book about a certain country, there is usually a description of what the natives are like – in my people this generalization is absolutely wrong. Of course, all have the same traditions and habits, but everybody has a different character. After taking a walking tour through the country, you can use your own judgement about the natives’ character. Let’s take any given country, in the guides you will find “...the people there are friendly, warm, gentle” ... and so on. But is it possible for all the people who live in the place to have the same character? Everybody will agree that it isn’t. 

Secondly, after tasting the local cuisine in any country, you can appreciate and it and decide whether it is good or bad for yourself. You can’t get a full idea of it when you read a recipe or see a picture of a dish. 

Thirdly, let’s take the historical and cultural monuments and places. Of course, you can learn everything about them when you read all the offered brochures and books – but if you really want to become acquainted with them you can’t just satisfy your imagination with seeing a picture of them – you should see them with you own eyes. For example, no one can feel the grandeur of the Great Canyons and the Niagara falls by looking at their images.

If you really have the desire to get to know the country, don’t just rely on plain facts, because when you have the opportunity to travel to the destination you can be disappointed. Experience is always the best way to get the right idea about something and it is, no doubt, more pleasant having a firsthand experience walking tour than reading books.

Essay - Time Machine Invention

Time Machine Invention - Essay, TOEFL, IELTS

Time Machine Invention Essay 

Have you ever wondered what out world would be like without inventions? How would people nowadays do without electric bulbs, phones, domestic robots, etc.? I think that we all have a common opinion about this topic – it would be unbearable. Despite all these newly created inventions, human imagination is still infinite and everybody is able to come up with new suggestions, no matter how weird they may sound every now and then. 

Nowadays, we often come across the idea of a time machine while reading books or watching TV. Some people may find it insane, but for others this breakthrough would be all they have ever dreamt of. So, let’s imagine for a moment what our life would be like using time machines and taking them for granted. It would be easy to travel through the history of the world, seeing its level of development during the centuries. The most interesting aspect of this invention would be that you could witness events which you have only read about in books. Taking into account this fact, the time machine could be considered really useful for students who would be able to see what they learn with their own eyes. 

Bearing all these reasons in mind, it seems that the invention of the time machine would be not only a remarkable breakthrough, but it would never be forgotten, too, taking a significant place in world’s history.

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