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Many people are choosing to live on their own. Is this a positive or a negative trend? What is your opinion and share your personal experiences?

IELTS Writing Task 2 model answer

Living with a family, friends or alone is a matter of choice. A lot of people tend to make such a decision when they finish school, university or change their job. While some prefer to stay with their parents even after graduation or tie the knot and start a new family, others find the life of their own more entertaining.

On the one hand, living only by yourself comes hand in hand with a lot of responsibilities. This way people learn how to deal with money, be more practical and make decisions when a problem occurs at home. However, it gets lonely from time to time and that's the reason why some seek for a roommate. This way of living is extremely popular among youngsters, though more and more people live like this permanently.

On the other hand, getting married, having kids and growing old together is society's ideal. The biological purpose of every living creature is to reproduce. For that matter, if humans cease creating families, this is likely to lead to a negative impact on our civilization. Even though unmarried life is considered a guilty pleasure when everyone is happy - go - lucky, there comes time when we realise that family is the real fortune.

In conclusion, everybody has their own picture of how to live and with whom. However, I believe that, as we are born in a family we should also end our lives in one.

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