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Banning meat from school cafeteria 

   Certificate of Advanced English Essay sample.

   Nowadays more and more people become vegetarians because that is supposed to be a healthier way of life. It's accepted that when people don't eat meat, it's beneficial for them. But is it normal to ban meat from school cafeteria?

   The first advantage is that banning meat from the canteen is healthier for everyone but it is natural and normal to eat meat. Meat is essential for people's organism. What's more, if we all become vegetarians, do we have to ban also milk, cheese and eggs? For children it is important to eat food which provides calcium, such as milk and dairy products. Of course, children need to lead a healthy life and it will be better for them to eat mainly fruits and vegetables but it is also important to have a personal choice to eat whatever they want.

   The second thing we have to consider is that there will be a better environment if there is no meat consumption. A lot of animals will be saved from slaughters and returned to their natural habitats. On the other hand, banning meat from one school won't save many animals. It would have results if cities stopped eating meat. But here comes again people's right to eat whatever they want.

   To sum up, not eating meat is definitely a healthier way of life. In my opinion school canteens should provide a wider range of healthy meals, including more vegetables and fruits, but also meat because vegetarian meal choices can seem limited.

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