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Solution to traffic problem

CAE Essay sample

Traffic has always been a major problem for people in big cities. As population grows, it is getting harder and harder for the government and the police to handle this issue. How much time will pass till someone comes up with a possible solution?

One alternative is providing exclusive lanes for public transport. If tube and bus systems extend, people will be able to reach their work places easier by using public transport. According to a recent study, getting to a definite spot by the tube is faster that reaching it by car, because of traffic lights and pedestrians. So these exclusive lanes will definitely reduce the use of cars. Thus traffic and pollution will drop. 

Another approach is to introduce a congestion charge for vehicles accessing the city centre. This might dissuade people from using their cars too much. Undoubtedly, the collected money could be used for improving the existing technology. Preserving the environment is also an important issue. 

I believe that providing exclusive lanes for public transport is the greater priority. The local authorities should take care of the traffic issue. After that, further measures against pollution could be taken. 

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