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Describe the strangest thing that happened to you

A lot of strange things happen to us nowadays but most of them are due to our imagination or they are incident. But the thing that happened to me a few years ago will remain in my memory, no matter real or not. 

It happened on an excursion to the mountains 2 years ago. We were very excited because we hadn't been on an excursion for ages. When we got to the place where we were going to stay, it was already dark. The night was falling and we decided to go out to enjoy the beautiful countryside. But when we reached a large field we saw something in the sky. There were a lot of bright stars. We noticed a strange object coming up. At first we thought that it was our imagination that made us see such strange thing but a few minutes later we realized that it was real. The light was getting brighter and we rushed back to the camp in fear. I never knew if it has been reality or not. 

There have happened other strange things in my life but I think that's the most unexplainable of all. It seems even like an episode of "The Files X" and has left an unforgettable trail in my memory. 

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