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Describe a lesson you learned the hard way

Sample descriptive composition

Most people say childhood is full of innocence, joy and happiness. In my view, the disappointments and sorrow that we experience that period are decisive in shaping our character. This bad side helps kids develop something like an immune system by teaching them some of the most important lessons in life.

When I was seven years old my parents bought me a bicycle for my birthday. It took me a long time to learn to ride. My legs were bruised of falling. I would make long rides around the neighbourhood. The thing I liked most was when we gathered with friends, steered our bicycles in the direction of a small stream and spent almost all day there. We called ourselves "The ..... ......" named after a popular movie. 

After several months I was more confident and well - balanced on the bike, but there was still the problem with the breakes. I didn't use them, just slowed down and jumped off the bicycle. That extreme experience often increased the risk of falling.

As one of the girls didn't have a bicycle, the others took turns in cycling her on the frame. One day when we were ciclying to the stream, I was due to have ........ - the girl without a bicycle, behind me on the frame. I felt nervous and that influenced my steering. The bike didn't go straight. It zigzagged under our weight. That was the first time I had ridden with another person and it happened to be the last one.

On the road to the stream there was a dangerous downward slope. I was aware of that and when we approached it, I slowed down boldly, but in vain. The bicycle frel down at a high speed. The last thing I remember was that ...... jumped off. A few minutes later I found myself lying on the road with hands on the head. Looking around I saw nobody but ......... Her eyes were filled with tears and her knees were bleeding. All the others had fled away. Maybe they were afraid of their parents' shouting at them because of the accident. I lay motionless with the bike beside me. ....... helped me stand on my feet and I leant against here shoulder.

Now, when I recall that time I realise this sad experience was the first more serious slap in my face. It wasn't so because the pain was unbearable but because the people I had considered my "best friends" did nothing to help us. It may seem ridiculous, but I think that better experience did me a favour. Now I'm a changed person look with different eyes at friend's loyalty. 

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