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Don't you consider it important for universities to draw up new rules and reduce the fees?

CAE Essay example 

Many universities with a high standard have fees, which exceed the average income of most families. This prevents ambitious and smart students from the education they deserve. Don't you consider it important for universities to draw up new rules and reduce the fees?

 In my opinion, the government should be concerned about students and universities. It should fund a variety of programs, thereby enabling more students to afford such an education. Fees are partially used for paying for stationery and maintenance of facilities and campuses. This is not that expensive so high fees are not needed.

With regards to high standard, universities admit students on the basis of their academic achievements, knowledge and success. Decisions about admission should not be based on the material status of candidates. Not many families are able to pay such fees. But everyone should have the chance for a proper education. For that reason, I am strongly against high fees.

Overall, I would say that  all students should be equal. They should be judged on their knowledge and not on their welfare. It's high time universities reconsidered their fees.

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