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Which facility is needed most in your area?

Sample CAE essay -  practice and preparation for the new format 

There are many different facilities in my area. Most of them are free to be used by the citizens at any time they want. Yet, we need many more new and modern facilities. How can we decide then which facility is needed most?

The first option to consider is a sport centre. There is no doubt that young people and not only they, but people of all ages, need more sport facilities. They definitely need to have more places where they can exercise and practise some kind of sport. We all know that is essential for kids to pick up a sport at an early age. Also, children should do some outdoor activities because it's not healthy for them to sit all day at home in front of the TV or the computer. Moreover, by playing team sports, children develop a sense of team spirit, which can help them a lot in their future job. Besides, it is well known that kids must be encouraged to do sport activities and try different kind of sports by building more sport centres. (!!! Teacher's note - "Make this paragraph shorter")

A second alternative would be building a car park. First of all, car parks are used only by people who own a car. What's more car parks don't have any further development. Isn't it just a waste of money?

In my view, a sport centre would be the better choice. I also think that if money should be given for something, it will be better to give it for something our children can use.

 (!!! Teacher's note - "The first arguement is much longer than the second one. Make them more balanced.")

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