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Is an Ancient Greek and Latin course more needed than a computer course?

Sample CAE essay -  practice and preparation for the new format 

In most of schools nowadays there are extra - curriculum activities involving different courses. It's very useful, educational and entertaining for students to attend such courses after classes. Is an Ancient Greek and Latin course more needed than a computer course? 

The first course to consider is ancient Greek and Latin. It's well known that it is very important for children to know about the life and work of ancient Greek and Latin authors. More and more children are showing keen interest in ancient literature. What's more, ancient Greek and Latin authors set the basis of modern sciences - mathematics, astrology, philosophy, physics, etc. 

On the other hand, a computer course is more necessary because nowadays you can't start a good job without computer education. Employers look for employees who can easily work on computers and who can cope with different tasks on computers. Also, a computer course will be more wanted owing to a great number of students wanting to get skilled. Students will prefer this course because they will want to spend their time learning something, which will help them in daily life and to find a job more easily. Although a computer course demands expensive equipment, isn't it worth investing money in our children's future. 

To sum up, an ancient Greek and Latin course is educational but a computer course will be more wanted and popular among students in secondary schools. I believe it will help children to feel more confident at what they do with computers. 


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