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Which charity should receive funding from the government: sports and recreation charities or health charities?

CAE essay -  practice and preparation for the new format 

Nowadays there are many different charity organisations. We can meet people in the street "begging" us for money for a sick child, we can see all kinds of celebrities on TV supporting different causes. However, the question now is which charity should receive funding from the government. Are sports and recreation charities more important than health charities?

The first idea is to fund a health charity. It is well known that health charities have helped a lot of people in difficulty. No doubt this kind of charity needs our help and support to develop and help the message reach more and more people. Many children's lives are saved thanks to health charities. We can continue to be good and make good to the others if the government starts funding health charities and popularize them. I am sure that out there there are many good people willing to help.

On the other hand, funding sports and recreation charities compared to health charities is a waste of money because, if we have to choose between sports and health, everyone would choose health. So we have to think about spending money on health not on sport. What's more sport nowadays is well developed and most of the people can afford practising some kind of it.

In my view, the funding of health charities is the greater priority. And also what are sports and recreation centres for if we can't help the people who are suffering? There is no doubt that the government funding should be directed first of all to the health charities.

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