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Which charities, do you think, matter the most - sports and recreation charities or health charities?

Sample CAE essay -  practice and preparation for the new format 

Everywhere we turn we see advertisements, posters and stars giving publicity to charities of all kinds. They try to make us feel for the cause and consequently dig deep in our pockets for money. But which charities, do you think, matter the most?

Let's take sports and recreation charities, for example. Sport and recreation are good for our health. They reduce stress and keep us fit and healthy. What's more you meet a lot of new people and broaden your contracts and relations. On the other hand, if we give money for sport, what's left for the disabled and sick people who get worse by any minute?

Health charities are widely spread. Every day the number of people with cancer or other life threatening diseases is rising. The amount of money needed for their treatment is unbearably high for most of them. Of course, by supporting these charities, a single person will not care all of them. However, step by step, together we can give birth to a global organisation, helping people all over the world.

In my view, health charities outweigh the rest. After all, what good are sport and recreation charities if we don't have enough hospitals and supplies for people who are suffering? Without doubt, government funding must be directed straight to health charities.

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