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Oranisation of the school's 20 anniversary

Sample Proposal


The aim of this proposal is to make a number of suggestions about the organisation of the school's 20 th anniversary. I interviewed over a hundred students and teachers in order to take their opinions into further consideration. Now, after having a close look at them, I can definitely say which form of celebration is the most desirable.

A Concert

According to the survey, it turned out the most successful would probably be organising a concert in the Main Hall. Thus, everyone would have the chance to come. Moreover, this would be an excellent opportunity for our talented students to show their skills in various areas like singing, dancing, theatre, etc. Our principal could give a speech and also one of the undergraduates. The latter could talk about his/her experiences throughout the years and the prospects he/she has now before graduating. I think, a small fee for the tickets should be charged.

A Party

After the concert, it would be a good idea to give a party for the teachers and the administration who have been taking care of us for such a long time. It could be either in a restaurant or a hotel.


In my opinion, with both a concert and a party our anniversary would be celebrated appropriately. Everyone would be involved and it would be a huge success.

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