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Appearance is more important for women than for men. Do you agree?

Many people think that how you look can have an essential influence on your future life, especially if you are a woman, because women are often considered as less intelligent and with fewer career prospects. But does that mean that men can be filthy and careless about their looks? Despite these statements, there are other opinions which also deserve attention.

On the other hand, women have not been equal with men for centuries and now it is much more difficult for them to get better jobs with a higher income/pay/salary. Moreover, it is not only the job perspectives; women are thought to find a husband easier if they are more attractive. To some minds, women should always be good-looking and fashionable to have success in life while it hardly comes as a surprise that beauty is not the most vital virtue for the male part of the world. Unfairly, men are considered to have bigger brains than women and have more opportunities to achieve their goals with less effort, so good looks are not required in their case.

On the other hand, anyone should take care of their appearance, no matter if they are males or females. In our modern world you do not have to spend fabulous sums to look good and it is up to someone’s upbringing to be aware of the impression the others get from the first sight of them. Furthermore, nowadays women have managed to win a place in male professions like lawyers, doctors, architects and engineers and even to be better than them. So, men should be competitive in all aspects in order not to be beaten by women in their own game. And, of course, there are a lot of female employers nowadays and if a man looks smart and well – dressed, he has better chances of being hired.

To sum up, in my opinion, as genders are equal in most ways, appearance should also be equally valued. And since most people judge by appearance, we should all be careful about ours. But, all in all, everyone is independent to decide for themselves.

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