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Sample Essay

Few wishes come true by themselves. Discuss the statement, drawing upon your personal experience your observation of others, and your reading

Having a wish gives a meaning and aim to your life. It enables you to live dreaming about the moment when your wish will come true. However, sometimes, people forget about the long road lying between their present situation and their wish and spend their entire life dreaming and not doing anything.

In my opinion, this  is a wrong approach to things. If you think carefully, you will undoubtedly see that the world is not likely to complete your wish. People are not going to work hard in order to make your wish come true. That is because they have their own wishes to work for. Of course, it may so happen that what you want does come true, but accidentally and under very lucky circumstances. But this is not at all possible, so you have to work for yourself.

Looking at other people, famous or not, we see a lot of good examples to follow. Ordinary people put such efforts into completing their wishes, that they may sometimes get in the newspapers or on television for that. We have heard about athletes raising funds for the scientific study of cancer or about middle-aged housewives who suddenly decide they will complete their childhood wish and go bungee - jumping. And what about young students whose wish is to make the best thinking robot in the world? These wishes are certain not to come true by themselves - they require effort and hard work.

No doubt, it may take you a lot of time to complete your wish. But you shouldn't lose hope. No one, I believe has yet discovered a better way. There are no easy ways to happiness, but once you have done all you could, then you have the right to expect your wsh to come true. At least you will know you have done your best.

To sum up, working for your wish is a positively useful experience. Or so I think - more useful and pleasant than sitting where you are and waiting for some miracle. After all, fate rewards the hardworkers.

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