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IELTS graph – rates of tourists to and from the UK 

The two graphs compare the rates of tourists to and from the UK and the approximate length of visit of both groups for a period of 20 years. We can clearly see that the figure of overseas residents travelling to the UK was almost half the one of UK residents travelling abroad and the stay of the latter was a bit longer than that of the former.

At the beginning of the period, visitors from abroad were well over 10 million and this trend did not change enormously throughout the years since the figure doubled for all the 20 years with only some slight fluctuations around 2000. Conversely, UK tourists were about 20 million and their rate had a gradual rise without any dips, to reach its peak of roughly 60 million at the end of the period.

Similarly, the length of stay of UK citizens was higher than that of foreigners throughout the whole period although a downward trend took place and the number of nights was reduced from about 13 to 10 for UK residents and from almost 12 to roughly 8 for overseas tourists.

Overall, the number of visits from and to the UK grew throughout the period while the length of stay declined for both groups. There was a significant growth in the number of UK tourists and they also stayed longer abroad than overseas residents stayed in the UK.

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