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Benefits of renewable sources of energy for a tourist island

Sample CAE essay for the new format

We often hear about the benefits of renewable sources of energy. A large number of people start to install solar panels on the roofs of their houses and , if you are a traveller, you must have seen plains with big wind turbines. How can we decide which one will be best for a tourist island?

The first option to consider is for solar panels to be installed. They will be almost hidden and they won’t ruin the view. It is well – known that solar panels are becoming more and more popular. There are mostly good responses. Solar panels are practical, smart and very useful. People preserve their income and save from their electric bills. On the other hand, solar panels are good for small living places but certainly not suitable for island. There is no way to power everything by solar panels.

A second alternative would be installing wind turbines. Wind turbines are useful for an island because on an island it’s supposed to be windy, so they will produce power almost 24 hours per day. Some people are concerned that those big devices of plastic and metal will destroy the beautiful landscape of the tourist island. There is a simple solution to this. A common technique is for wind turbines to be put in the sea behind the sights so they will remain hidden and, at the same time, the will power the system there.

In my view, wind turbines would be the most effective source of renewable energy for a tourist island. In the future, the permanent inhabitants will see the differences and , what is most important, they will pay less for electricity.

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