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International Tourism – is it always a good thing for local communities? (advantages and disadvantages)

People's opinions on tourism differ widely. Some think that it is a priceless chance to have tourists in your hometown during summer and winter while others prefer to find jobs and make a living in other areas which are, for example, harmless to the environment. But as there are wide range of strong opions, a lot can be said about this topic.

On the other hand, the more tourists come to your town, the more money they will spend there, so economy will be boosted and your own standard of living will improve. In addition, our birthplace will be modernised in order to attract more people and it will definitely become livelier than ever before, especially if it is a town with only small number of inhabitants. You will also have the opportunity to meet people from foreign countries and in this way you can make strong connections and friendships. Furthermore, you will learn about many aspects of the different cultures.

On the other hand, tourism can be extremely hazardous. To my mind, the environment can suffer a great deal if the number of tourists coming can't be controlled. And (it's – no contractions) it is clear that in most places the natives are so busy providing a good quality service to tourists that they forget to take care of their own home. In this way it is often possible for a town to be stuffed with so many new people that it will definitely be unpleasant for anyone to be there, no matter if he/she is a resident or a tourist. Moreover, the traffic will also be affected because there will be so many people willing to go somewhere that, if the infrastructure is badly organised, everything will turn into a disastrous time-consumer.

To sum up, in my opinion, it is very beneficial if a town can develop tourism but as long everything is within initially defined limits.

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