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Proposal  for CAE – Pollution in your area (impact of tourism)


The aim of this proposal is to provide clear evidence for the pollution of the area I am studying in, and to apply for your financial support because without it our place will never be quiet piece of Heaven (!!! inf.) it once was. I interviewed over a hundred residents during my survey and they also share my opinion about the state of the town.

Background Information

Nowadays almost every marvellous area has become a tourist sight and in Scotland it is not very different. At first, tourism was a great opportunity for our economy and for the local people who were searching for new career prospects. However, as too many tourists visit our small town, the amount of pollution has increased enormously. Our beautiful beach, for instance, now resembles a dump whereas two years ago it was the most spectacular in the area. Another thing is that there is a rapidly increasing number of boats in our port and due to their fuel some randomly seen species are about to become extinct.


Although we can’t stop tourists coming here, there are a few improvements which, with your help, may be able to prevent our area from complete damage and pollution:

  1. Putting more dustbins all around the town. 
  2. Organizing a voluntary campaign for cleaning the beach. 
  3. Buying special equipment in order to purify the water in our bay. 


I hope you will consider my solutions and help us to turn our area into a wonderful clean place where anyone will feel the fresh atmosphere.


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