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CAE Formal Letter on Topic: Complaint about fund-raising film

Dear Sir or Madam,

I attended your fund-raising film on Saturday and now I am writing to complain about a number of shortcomings I am very disappointed with.

First of all, some problems connected with the organisation occurred. The film started late – about 30 minutes after the set time, which was 5 p.m. Because of this my parents who came to collect my cousin and me had to wait a lot, which was not very pleasant. And the interval in the middle of the film, which was advertised on your poster was not enough for buying ice cream, owing to the long queue and the only seller. On top of that, I think the cost of £ 9 was too much for the uncomfortable seats offered.

However, I feel that the most significant problem was the choice of the film itself. Given that most of the audience were families with small children, I think such an action film was not appropriate at all. Moreover, the poster had advertised it as a comedy thriller. The black humour was too dark for young children, so the jokes were understood only by the adults. Furthermore, most of the children were scared by all these stunts and my little cousin had been having nightmares ever since. I talked to other people of the audience who also said their children were very upset.

I suggest that in future you should choose your films much more carefully in order not to cause such unpleasant situations. And, in my opinion, you should do some work about the organisation as a whole. Although I have always been willing to support the school, I will consider coming to such an event once again.

Yours faithfully,

…............... (name and surname)

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