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Do we really need computer games II variant

Have you ever wondered whether computer games are a waste of time and money, or just a source of entertainment? If you still have any doubts on the negative aspects related to playing in the “virtual reality” the following essay may bring about changing your mind.

Nowadays, a vast majority of adults consider computer games ridiculous and useless. Moreover, researchers even claim that these games can easily damage children’s brains, especially when they are still too young. The most common opinion, however, is that computer games are a complete waste of both time and money. As for this statement, the people, who agree with it, may have their own reasons to do so. For example, there are hardly any parents who are happy with their children spending so much time at the PC. At present, there are lots of spoiled kids whose one and only source of amusement is exactly these games. The negative sides of this is the fact that, as these children grew up they have become addicted to playing on the computer, which may lead to serious health problems later.

So there are certainly disadvantages that come with pc games, but what about the other side of the coin?

I’ll never forget my childhood – the period I used to spend playing on the computer. Due to this fact, personally, I can understand both children’s and their parents’ attitude to the topic.

So what’s the answer? On balance, I think using computers for playing games by the youngsters should be reduced to some extent as we all want to provide a healthy way of living for the kids.

Note: very few positive aspects!

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