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Sports at College – Model CAE Proposal


The survey, conducted among students, identified some of the reasons for the reduced number of people doing sports at college. The proposal outlines problems and makes recommendations for solutions.

The Problems:

According to the students, who took part in the research, the main problem is the poor condition of the sports facilities in the college. Not only are they insufficient but they are also old and even dangerous. Another issue is that college students don’t feel motivated to do any sports. Instead of practising volleyball, basketball, etc. they prefer going to a club or playing, computer games. And last but not least, the training times for work-outs are not convenient for most of the students.


A renovation of the sports centre would attract more students and encourage them to take up sports. The new sports facilities will make practising much more pleasant.

Organising more spots events like basketball or volleyball matches, every month with a prize for the winner would motivate more people to take part in sports activities.

Reconsideration of the days fixed for practising would be a solution to one of the problems, too. In the weekend, more people would be able to attend the sports centre and do sports.


If the above recommendations are implemented, I believe there would be a significant rise in the number of students taking part in sports activities at the college.

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