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Which school facilities should receive money from local authorities? - New CAE Format essay

  • sports facilities and equipment
  • classroom technology
  • library
Write an essay discussing two of the school facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility it is more important for local authorities to spend money on, giving reasons in support of your answer.

A lot of schools have problems with their finances. It is of crucial importance that school facilities receive money from local authorities. It could be directed to various areas: sports equipment, a library, etc. But which of them would benefit the most? 

Sports facilities and equipment are undoubtedly essential for schools. They provide the means that help students keep healhty and in good shape. School children make use of them either during PE lessons or joining a sports club after classes. A swimming pool, a well – equipped gym or a playground bring numerous benefits. 

On the other hand, a library, is also a necessity. This is the place where students can find books, magazines, disks, etc. They are able to consult various sources for their projects, for example, and use up-to-date technology. Or just spend some free time surfing the net and broadening their horizons. 

A modern library is supposed to be provided with a sufficient number of computers, Internet access, a copy machine, etc. In other words, it definitely requires financial support from local authorities. 

On balance, while both sports facilities and the library are important, I am in favour of the latter. Students could jog and excercise on their own, which which does not require money, but may not be able to afford expensive books and the latest technology. Bearing all that in mind, I am positive the money from the local authorities should go to the library.

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