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Nominate area to prevent tourism damage

CAE Proposal 


I would like to nominate the area I am living in to receive some money to prevent it from damage caused by tourism. It is an area of beautiful coastline on the north – west coast of Scotland. 

The area and its problems:

Recently more and more tourists have been visiting my area because of the beautiful nature. However, they cause a lot of damage to it, especially families with children on the beach. They also pollute the area by throwing away their rubbish everywhere and not into bins. What is more, there is a little harbour, which is becoming more and more crowded with the boats of some of the tourists. 

If we had some money, we could pay for a guard to protect the area and check the sand dunes. We could also pay for rubbish collection on the beach. In addition, we could set up a permit system for boats, so that we could limit their number in harbour. 


If the area is to be prevented from the negative impact of tourism it is vital that we apply the above suggestions. I strongly believe that they are economically justified and would be very effective and this is the reason why I urge you to support our area by investing in these solutions.

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