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Essay on Pollution - 2015 new FCE format

Pollution is the most common problem in all countries in the world. It is caused by human's activity and it is getting even worse.

First, one of the major causes of transport is air pollution. The exahausted fumes that cars emit pollute the air. Also, many trees are cut down in order to provide space for building roads. In my opnion, people should start using more public transport or bicycles instead of cars. In that way, there will be fewer traffic jams and less air pollution.

The second problem concerns the water sources of the Earth. Tons of waste and filthy water are being dumped in seas and rivers. The pollution of the waters kills fish and destroys underwater life. The only solution is that we should stop using seas and rivers as a waste bin.

Another way we can help the environment is to start recycling. This is probably the most effective way to reduce waste and prevent the environment from pollution.

In conclusion, the Earth is our home and it is our duty to keep it clean. We should stop wasting the treasures of our planet and should start using them in an eco – friendly way.


  1. pollution is the process of the dirting the environment and caused health problem in human being and affect the ozone layer.
    The pollution is not come from itself, this are come from by creating the unwanted activities like combustion of gases , refrigerant etc,
    So every one cause the pollution in know way and non knowing way...We are the people of any country , so try to control the pollution even the completely it cann't stop .The pollution create so many disease bacterial, virus , others by the air, or water...It cann't completely stop it , i know..but try to avoid and control over increase.Many initiative ideas are introduced by country's Government..But we are not obey the What i am saying is do the positive methods for save our environment.If you obey the rules of the environmental then you will get some more years life are save. Save the environment ,control pollution


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