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How to write an essay for new FCE format 2015

While writing the new CAE essay seems easier than the old one, I cannot say the same about the new FCE essay.To my mind, it's more demanding than the CAE essay. Anyway, we have to cope with it.


Read your task carefully. Start the introduction with a general sentence,related to the topic. Add a second sentence that narrows down the subject. TWO sentences are usually enough for your introduction but you can also have a third sentence - a rhetorical question, related to your task (check our models).


Develop the first argument in the second paragraph. Remember ,you don't have too many words on the whole (190) 3 sentences should be enough.You can point out pros and cons (but not at any rate) and even give a short example. What you will include, depends on the topic.


Proceed in the same way with the second argument.


This you will find the most difficult one.Think carefully about YOUR argument and try to think of something that is TO THE POINT and is at the same time SUBSTANTIAL-not just something related to the topic. Develop it like paragraphs 2 and 3.

I recommend 3 sentences for each of the arguments.Of course,you can have 4 for one of them and then 2 for the next one.Not that there are any formal requirements-it's just the very limited number of words that dictates it. But, again, the number of sentences depends on their length.Avoid too long sentences.


And finally,the conclusion.My experience shows this is the most difficult part.It should follow naturally from what you have written up to now 2, maximum 3 sentences should be enough.The concluding sentence is of particular importance.It should' put the full stop' and not open a new argument or lead into a new direction.Make it genral enough.On the whole ,in the conclusion you are expected to express your opinion very clearly and to the point.

Language: The language you use should be fairly neutral. Avoid contractions and colloquial words and phrases. It's very important to use proper LINKING DEVICES

to begin with,in the first place, first(ly)
moreover, furthermore(more formal)
in addition,besides(less formal)
on the other hand,conversely
to sum up


1/After you have acquainted yourself with these notes,read as many good essays as you can.
2/Try to investigate their structure and argumentation ,identify the different paragraphs,pay attention to and underline interesting phrases and linking devices
3/Copy useful language or even whole essays in a special Writing Notebook
4/Write as many essays as you can and have a good tutor to check them

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