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The problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want but we do not know what to do with it.

There are a lot of problems which have an awful impact on our generation. One of them, probably the most serious, is the one connected with the question “What can we do with our freedom and our spare time?” And everyone gives his own answer, which, in fact, shows his inner world and his attitude to life. 

I don’t think we don’t know what to do with our spare time. Just because we have a lot of freedom, we can do whatever you want. It’s wonderful to feel free and do all sorts of things, forbidden by your parents. You do them for a year or two but then you get exhausted by the non – changing everyday life. Then comes the real problem – some decide to amuse themselves with drugs, alcohol or other things which are very dangerous for their health. These young boys and girls do not understand what they are doing to themselves. They just enjoy their new lives. Others “retire” from their social “social” positions and definitely change their minds. A lot of my friends have suffered such a development that I can’t recognize them. In the past they used to go to discos and other interesting places but now they prefer to stay at home all alone. 

I can understand those people because I belong to their class – we are exhausted from being prematurely grown up and now we just want to turn our attention to ourselves. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what to do with our freedom. We know perfectly well how to use it but we are not sure that’s worth. We have found the importance of education and to some extent we have become careerists. It is awful to see how some of your closest friends are becoming complete failures. These are the people who, in fact, don’t know what to do with their freedom and exactly this lack of knowledge has led them to things which will ruin their life. 

I’m happy that we have the freedom but I think it is not a thing for everyone. It is good only for those who are very sensible, can rule their own lives and can avoid the wicked things which surround us.

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