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 FCE new format 2015 essay - Obesity in young people



Write an essay about the problem of obesity in young people. Write an essay using all notes and give reasons for your point of view.
In Europe and the USA a lot of young people have an obesity problem. What can be done to solve this problem?


Write about:
1. Drinking
2. Fast food
3........ (your own idea)

Sample Answer: 

Many people around the world are suffering from obesity. For me, the solution to this wide-spread problem is breaking the bad habits and starting a new, healthy way of life.
First of all, the majority of teenagers nowadays drink alcohol. They do it for fun at parties, without realising how serious this is. On the one hand, it kills their brain cells and, on the other, it contains a lot of calories and leads to gaining weight. Shops shouldn’t sell alcohol to teenagers and elders should replace it with water and fresh juice.
Moreover, in this busy world we often don’t have the time to sit and eat at home so we buy fast food. Any kind of snacks, burgers and sweets are harmful to us because they contain a lot of fats, used cooking oil and artificial sweeteners. Making a sandwich at home and taking an apple for school or work are possible options. I think the natural products will give us energy and health.
Last but not least, to reach the wanted weight, we have to put our body in a move. Actually, there’s no need to practise a certain sport. Exercise at home or in the park two or three times per week is enough to keep us in shape. Basically, losing weight by training is easier and more pleasant by dieting.
In conclusion everything depends on our own will. Avoiding junk food, reduce drinking and starting to exercise are three great ways to start a new page of your life. Obesity should become a thing of the past and it is our task to make the needed changes for this to become a reality.  

Teacher’s notes:

2nd paragraph: Don’t talk about alcohol in general; only in relation to obesity.
3rd  paragraph: Make clear the connection to obesity.
  • The problems should not be discussed in general but only in relation to obesity.
  • Too long.

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