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Example of report on exchange programme, staying in Italy 


The aims of this report are to provide an overview of my participation in the exchange programme “Italy” and my exchange partner’s previous stay in my home country.

About my visit

Everything was perfectly organized. I stayed at the place of Jean Luca, who was in charge of the exchange program. I was invited to take part in a lot of events, which were held especially for the occasion – for example, fancy dress parties and cocktail – parties. I was given the change to visit a lot of interesting historic spots and do some sightseeing all around Italy. The programme involved a few theatre visits to plays, I had never seen.

The comparison

Both visits (to my home country and Italy) have their advantages and drawbacks. I tried to mark off the main ones and here they are.

1. More social events were offered in Italy. That is why their part of the programme was better developed than in my country.

2. On the other hand, all the points included in the exchange plan didn’t have the intention to make me acquainted with the local culture, which can be regarded as a big disadvantage.

3. I wasn’t given the change to socialise with new people as the programme was intense. Taking this fact into consideration, we should reckon that the pauses between events we contemplated were actually a great idea.


To recapitulate, I will draw attention to the fact that the exchange programme I participated in was very beneficial and expanded my knowledge about the county and the local traditions and customs.

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