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Sample CAE Proposal on the topic Ideal Workplace (version 2) for CAE Exam  


Many people have problems with their jobs. That is the reason why we were asked to write a proposal for the ideal working place. We undertook research through a survey and investigation on the Internet.

Background Information:

It is clear that many people dislike noise and prefer working in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed by the conversations of other people or their ringing mobiles. Others feel more comfortable when working in a team because in this way they are motivated to do their daily tasks. And, since some people find small offices claustrophobic, they prefer bigger desks between which there is enough space. People must also feel comfortable and not have concerns over issues such as meal breaks.

Suggestions for the ideal workplace of the future:

The ideal workplace should have several features:

·         It should be light and airy, and have space between desks so that people feel comfortable.
·         There should be opportunity for people to have good and drinks at any time – not only in designated lunch breaks
·         There should be a team spirit so that everyone feels motivated.
·         People should work in a quiet environment so that they can be focused on their jobs and not distracted be unnecessary noise. That is why mobile phones should be on silent regime and personal conversations should happen outside.


If these recommendations are followed through, the ideal workplace won’t be a fantasy, but reality.

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