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Time Machine Invention - Essay, TOEFL, IELTS

Time Machine Invention Essay 

Have you ever wondered what out world would be like without inventions? How would people nowadays do without electric bulbs, phones, domestic robots, etc.? I think that we all have a common opinion about this topic – it would be unbearable. Despite all these newly created inventions, human imagination is still infinite and everybody is able to come up with new suggestions, no matter how weird they may sound every now and then. 

Nowadays, we often come across the idea of a time machine while reading books or watching TV. Some people may find it insane, but for others this breakthrough would be all they have ever dreamt of. So, let’s imagine for a moment what our life would be like using time machines and taking them for granted. It would be easy to travel through the history of the world, seeing its level of development during the centuries. The most interesting aspect of this invention would be that you could witness events which you have only read about in books. Taking into account this fact, the time machine could be considered really useful for students who would be able to see what they learn with their own eyes. 

Bearing all these reasons in mind, it seems that the invention of the time machine would be not only a remarkable breakthrough, but it would never be forgotten, too, taking a significant place in world’s history.

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