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Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample essay

Nowadays an increasing number of people are getting aware of the detrimental effects of industry on nature. Our negligence has led to numerous ecological problems and the environmental issue which is my greatest concern is the pollution in my hometown. The reason is the fact that I live in this area and I am constantly exposed to its unhealthy environment. Moreover, my mother, who is a doctor, has told me about the various diseases caused by pollution. 

It is the air in my hometown that is the most contaminated. Every day many detrimental chemical substances are being reported. 

The sea also suffers from both the waste products poured into it and the petrol leaks from the passing oil tankers. The pollution has put the lives of many animal and plant species in the nearby lakes in danger. 

The main reason for this disastrous ecological state is the fact that both the plant and the town are situated in lowland and the sea breeze spreads the contamination in all directions. Furthermore, the technologies of the plant are outdated and unreliable. The local authorities should take this issue into account. 

In my opinion, there is no prospect of improving the situation in the near future. There are not enough funds for efficient measures to be taken. Besides, the plant is too important for the country’s industry to close down. 

However, if we want to preserve our health, we should demand that certain actions be implemented. For example, the plant must be equipped with purification systems and the most unreliable technologies modernized. Furthermore, there should be stricter safety measures in order to reduce the risk of breakdown. Additionally, greater sanctions should be applied against contamination of the sea. The pollution of the air can also be decreased by planting more trees. 

In conclusion, I’d say that in out striving for economic progress we’ve unnoticeably put our lives in great danger. Contamination can neither be ignored nor concealed any longer and the only thing left to do is face the needed steps to fight it.

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