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Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample Answer (Essay)

Nowadays a great number of people are becoming aware of the dreadful effects of man’s selfishness on environment. A lot of people are concerned only about their well-being and don’t think of what their actions cause on nature. 

The environmental issue which is of greatest concern to me is the pollution of my home town. It is cause not only by the chemical plant near the town but also by the heavy traffic, the other plants situated in the suburbs, the waste products poured into the sea, the leaks from the passing oil tankers and ,at last, the irresponsibility of some of the tourists who come to the seaside every summer. 

The result from this concern is really horrendous. The air is so charged with chemical substances that sometimes it is difficult for people even to breathe. But it’s not only the air that is contaminated. Because of the port, the sea and all the fish and other sea animals are also in danger. Even many lakes also suffer. Of course, no one can deny that the greatest side effect of pollution is on people. Statistics show that in our city the percentage of chronical? Illnesses, cancer, goitre and other diseases is highest in comparison with the rest of the country. 

However, the situation is not desperate yet. If we look around we will see that there is still a lot to be saved. So, if we want to correct our mistakes we and, especially, the state authorities, have to take effective measures. For example, the safety measures should be stricter and the fines higher than they are now, the plants should be equipped with purification stations, the unreliable technologies should be modernized and new parks made. If all these things are done, then there is still hope for our city and for people who live in it. 

In conclusion, I would say that the striving for economical progress, money and quick returns has made us cause a lot of damage to nature. But it’s high time we realized that we cannot live without her and need the fresh air and clean water more than anything else.

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