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Example description of a person. The following model shows you how to describe a person: personality, appearance, character. 

An English penfriend has asked you to hear more about your family. Write a description of a favourite member of your family.

My sister is called Veronica. She is four years older than me and when we were little kids, we used to argue a lot. But now that we are older and more and more mature, we get on with each other really well and see eye to eye on a lot of things. 

Veronica is a very charming girl. She is slim, with very long dark curly hair. Her eyes are hazel brown and she’s got a fair complexion. 

My sister has been into clothes ever since we were kids, so her appearance is always very stylish – either tight jeans, an impressive top and high – heeled shoes or a beautiful dress combined with remarkable accessories. 

Veronica is a very active person who loves the outdoor life. She is always smiling and kind. As well as this, my sister is very practical and smart. She is well - organised and doesn’t waste her time. The thing I appreciate most about her is her thoughtfulness. Veronica is very helpful and caring and is able to brighten up one’s day every time they feel down. She can also give me the best advice whenever I have a problem, which is priceless and with her incredible sense of humour, she can make every person smile. 

They say your relatives are you closest people – I absolutely agree with this statement and I feel very lucky because Veronica is not only my sister; she is also one of my best friends.   

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  1. How to descript a relative house you love visiting?


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