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Sample answer - Information Sheet for CAE
Useful interview techniques

It is difficult for most of people to make a good first impression. This often leads to losing the chance of getting the job they apply for.

Here are presented some techniques, which will help you to be more confident in an interview.


Do you wonder how to dress in order to make a good impression? It is not that difficult you think it is! The most important thing is to be natural. Don’t try to copy the style of someone else because you risk not to project the right image of yourself.


Firstly, you must not be nervous or shy. This could have a very bad effect on the impression you make. The people who ask you questions want to see that you are confident enough to do your job properly. Secondly, it would be perfect to strike a balance between friendliness and formality with the person you are talking to. Finally, you need to talk fluently and to always five full answers to the questions.


There are many ways of behaving in an interview but the most efficient advice is to smile all the time. A genuine smile tells that you are happy to be there.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Interrupt, you have to listen politely.
  • Talk too quickly


  •  Ask questions. In that way you show interest in other people
  •  Maintain eye contact. Otherwise, people would think the conversation is not interesting for you

Following this advice you will be perfectly prepared for your job interviews. 

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