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             First Certificate story - Model Answer

I am often likely to make a big mess and turn everything upside down. 

When I was a student, I had few friends. In fact, there was only one close to me. Her name was Maria. We met on a school trip. Soon there were no secrets between us. 

Unfortunately, Maria broke up with her boyfriend and began to lose interest in everything. She used to stand still, looking in my direction and didn’t seem to be listening to teachers. I couldn’t believe that was the same person. That energetic girl, with dark affectionate eyes and a kind soul had turned into a statue. Maria couldn’t help crying whenever she looked at old photo of the boy.

One winter day she came to school with her face shining and her eyes sparkling. She didn’t tell me a thing. But I read it in her eyes. She had met a boy who had erased the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend. The boy’s name wasn’t revealed. It remained a mystery as she was quite superstitious. 

At the end of the same intense school week I craved for a little entertainment, so I took the opportunity to go to a party with my brother. I had no idea who had been invited. 

Music was very pleasant but there was no one to dance with. I went to my brother, grabbed his hand and made him move in the rhythm of the music. We danced cheek to cheek with my head leaned on his shoulder. I had even closed my eyes. A strange sound made me leap. The door had been slammed by a girl. As she approached I saw that was Maria. She was terrified to find me there, dancing in that way. It was until then that I realised my brother was her new boyfriend. She looked at us contemptuously and didn’t wait for an explanation and came closer.

She slapped me hard across my face and my eyes filled with tears of shame.

She slapped me hard across my face..Last Sentence First Certificate of English Story (Sample Answer)

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