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CAE Competition Entry Example - Nomination ambassador for children

Competition entry - Nominating an ambassador for children

I would like to nominate David Beckham as an ambassador for children.

David Beckham is an excellent ambassador for children for several reasons. First of all, he is very famous. So, whenever he talks about children or presents their problems, he would attract people's attention. Secondly, Beckham is a very attractive person and children like him a lot. Thirdly, David Beckham is a Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and is very interested in children's problems, so he could not only represent them, but also helm them in every possible way. The football star is constantly travelling the world and visiting the children in poorer countries (in Africa). He is very concerned about saving and preventing their lives from different diseases, especially now that most of them are vaccine preventable. In addition, Beckham is very rich and through participating in various charity organisations, he could undertake a lot of initiatives himself, without much need to be funded.

David Beckham should be selected because he would be better than the alternatives. A politician, for instance, might not be as popular with children. A person who is not famous might not be very suitable for meeting important people or representing children's interests. Also, Beckham has three kids and as a parent, he would understand children's problems better than a person who doesn't have kids. David would also be devoted enough to his job, whereas other people are too tied up with their own jobs.

All in all, I definitely think David Beckham would be the best candidate and I urge you to  appoint him in this role.

CAE Competition Entry - Nomination ambassador for children

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