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FCE First Sentence example story 

My New Jeans

I walked out the house with only the clothes on my back and only my handkerchief in my pocket. It was an extremely cold winter afternoon I began shivering with cold. But I didn’t want to return home, because I was angry with my father. He had refused to buy me a new pair of jeans because I already had 7. I intended to walk down the high street and do something so as to while away the time. Then, all of a sudden, I saw something that shocked me, something I would never forget. On the pavement, near the big brick wall of a house, was sleeping a little homeless boy. The only clothes he was wearing was a pair of shorts. He was sleeping so calmly, so serenely as though the awful cold and the piercing wind were not able to reach him. I stood there benumbed with astonishment and sympathy. I wanted to help him, I felt something had to be done. But what? 

Then the door of the house opened and a middle-aged woman in a fur-coat appeared. She saw me, saw the homeless boy and said, “He’s here almost every day to beg. When someone gives him money, he goes and buys alcohol. Then dizzy and stupefied, he falls asleep and doesn’t feel the cold.” The lady went away. 

The boy looked so innocent, so calm. He cared about nothing, he was free, but at the same time – destined to misery.

Something in me had broken. I walked back home. My heart was filled with sorrow. I felt so guilty. I realized that I had insisted on my dad’s buying a new pair of jeans while someone didn’t have what to wear at all. Was it fair? Did I have the right to boast of my new clothes, knowing that a little boy was bare to the skin in such cold weather?

The memory of this homeless boy chased me all the night. On the next day I went to find him. I was bringing him one of my old but warm coats. But he wasn’t there. I knocked at the door of the house where the middle-aged woman lived to ask where I could find him.

“He passed away this morning. An ambulance came here four hours ago and took him away.”, she explained. 

A week later my daddy bought me my eight pair of jeans – very expensive and fashionable. 

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