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 Happiness is the ability to make the most of what you have

"People constantly search for short ways to happiness. There are no such ways."  E.Hemingway

I have always liked this quotation, but when I was younger I wondered what it really meant. I was trying to find an explanation but it was not so easy. The meaning of it seemed to be so deep and simple at the same time, that it evoked different thoughts in me and made me speculate on the problem of happiness.

Happiness is the supreme feeling of satisfaction. It takes me to the seventh heaven and makes me feel like never before. When I am happy I want to jump and scream with joy, I want to tell the whole world that life is worth living.

I have never asked myself if I am happy. I simply enjoy the moment and the feeling that seizes me. Then I try not to think about the future and everything that may happen. I really feel happy when I am with my family or friends; when I am sure that all the people I know are healthy and when I listen to my favourite singers.

I try not to be maximalist and to want the impossible. As I mentioned before, I try to live for the moment and feel content. Because happiness can be only for an instant or for some days. Can I say after that " I feel unhappy"? In my view - no.

Happiness is a wonderful feeling that gives me strength, belief and hope. I have always tried to find a certain definition for this word, but now I know it is impossible to define this world. It is my opinion that people must find its meaning and try not to let the moment go away.

Model answer for FCE and CAE article - Happiness is the ability to make the most of what you have

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