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           What can be done to reduce the pollution of the environment in modern cities? 

Model answer

Nowadays, a great number of people are becoming more aware of the dreadful effects of man’s selfishness on environment in modern cities. We drink contaminated water and breathe air full of poisonous gases. If we want to lead a better life, we should reduce the pollution of the environment in modern cities. That is why we have to get together and solve the problem.

In every industrial city there are factories which are mainly responsible for the pollution. Their chimneys pour out smoke which contaminates the air. They also produce poisonous chemicals, such as sulphur, which are dangerous to people. It is sometimes hard for us to breathe. But what is more, factories pollute not only the air but also rivers and seas because they throw all their waste there.

It’s not only factories which pollute the environment. Many of the citizens don’t care that their badly-trained dogs foul the streets. People in the cities contribute to the pollution by using their cars which fill the air with poisonous fumes. There are also citizens who throw their rubbish just out of their windows.

However, the situation in modern cities is not desperate yet. If we look around, we will see that there is a lot to be saved. In order to do so, some measures should be taken.

For example, the authorities should encourage large companies to move their plants outside the urban areas. Most of the big factories should be equipped with purification stations in order not to contaminate the air anymore. They should be forced to dispose of effluent without harming rivers and seas. The fines for breaking these laws should be higher than they are now.

Secondly, citizens should be encouraged to buy lead-free petrol, which will not be expensive. They can also drive electric cars which will not emit dangerous fumes. Thirdly, the people who use coal fires should be given smoke-free coal or electric fires.

Last but not least, if we want to solve the problem with pollution in modern cities, more parks should be made. It is known that trees purify the air, so they will contribute to the fresh air which we breathe.

Finally, the government has to act to lay down strict laws which will punish the people who throw their litter out of their windows or keep dogs which foul the streets.

To conclude with, I will say that it will not be easy to fulfil these suggestions. The authorities should spend a lot of money on solving this problem. But if even half of these measures are taken, I am sure that we will reduce the damage on the environment.

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