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Violence in Today's Society- Sample Essay Answer

Nowadays, people live in a world where they cannot feel safe - they can easily be attacked on the street, robbed, kidnapped or raped! Violence is so widely spread that nothing and no one can stop it.

Violence  concerns all people, no matter if they are rich or poor, live in a big or small cities, etc. It is spread among among men, woman and children. It is children who suffer the most. They are so innocent and tender that those who hurt them must be strictly punished.

I have a lot of questions, which I have always wanted to ask of someone high - standing. Because, nowadays if we take my country, for example, violence is reaching threatening proportions. It has become part of our society, of our everyday life. It exists in our families and homes, on the streets. There is hardly anyone who has not felt its dangerous tentacles, who has not faced and suffered from violence.

But when I think over and over the problem, I cannot help thinking that violence is deeply rooted in us - people. There are maybe certain factors, which make us show our animal nature. Maybe violence is one of the reasons that makes us produce, so brutal and full of ferocity and ruthlessness films. There are not one or two crimes provoked by such films.

I think that violence causes irreparable damage to human soul and character and leads to serious consequences. In my view, all people should stand against violence and struggle for safety. Every country should have severe laws against those who threaten its citizens.

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