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The family is threatened by the modern way of life

Sample essay answer (CAE, TOEFL, IELTS)

The family is considered the smallest cell of society. Some time ago, it was common and almost compulsory for a man and a women to get married, have children, create a family. But nowadays, there are more and more single mothers with out of wedlock children, non married couples or just people who don't want to marry at all. Perhaps it means that society is dying. 

The modern way of life is threatening the family. Women fight severely for their rights and emancipation. They want to be treated as equals to men and no longer consider themselves (or want to be considered) inferior to men. Some women are obsessed with the idea of making a career, being powerful and earning a lot of money, all by themselves. In my opinion, their uncurbed ambitions form the major threat to the family.

Moreover, some of them have adopted a new way of thinking. They believe that if they get married, they will turn into slaves who have to wash socks, cook meals, bring up children and, at the same time, be ready to entertain their master husbands.

On the other hand, not only women but some men, too, think that marriage is a nasty obligation, which can be avoided. People nowadays prefer being single and having lots of friends and lovers to being bound to another person. They want freedom to do whatever they want without considering anyone else. It really sounds a bit selfish.

The modern way of life has posed other threats to the family. As people sometimes feel miserable or low-spirited, they begin drinking alcohol and taking drugs. These, of course, help for the moment. But one day some people find out that they can't live without these slowly killing poisons. It is obvious that such people will never be able to create a good family.

Modern technology, as television and computers, is also threatening the family because you can get addicted to it. There are a lot of examples when the man in a family spends so much time in front of the computer that gradually he forgets he has a wife and children and thinks only about his favourite computer. Furthermore, modern technology makes you live in another world, the world of images and non-reality. A woman will never get married if she is looking for a man who has the face of Alain Delon and the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All this is going too far, of course. The family may disappear and remain just history. We should put limits to our wishes and whims and think more about our children because they really need to live in a family with two affectionate parents. 

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