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Writing CAE Proposal - sample answer


The aim of this proposal is to provide recommendation for ways, in which the environmental problems, concerning the area I live in, may be solved. In order to write it, we undertook a research through a survey.

Additional Information

Nowadays, tourism is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. However, its appearance leads to a number of complications, the most serious of which is the environmental one. According to the results of the research we carried out recently, the level of people's negligence of nature is impressively increasing. This applies to the case in my area, too. The consequences of the tourists' carelessness are more than obvious - people dispose of their rubbish, throwing it away wherever they want. Moreover, their visits throughout the summer cause the pollution of the great beaches we have in our area. In addition to this, the increasing number of boats leads to the pollution of the bay.


There are a few improvements which could be made in order to cope with these environmental problems:

  1. Special equipment could be bought, which would help us clean the beach more efficiently.
  2. Leaflets could be distributed among tourists to raise their awareness of the issue. Thus, all people would get well - informed about the problems of the area.
  3. Social events may be organised in order to raise extra money for the improvement of the environmental situation.


I hope my recommendations are suitable and you will consider investing money in them. That way, the level of pollution in our area will be surely reduced. 

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