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Should we preserve the past Model answer

It is often said one of the most important things for us, as people, is our past and therefore we should keep it more zealously. But do we really have to invest more money in what was years ago or in the present?

On the one hand, there is a strong argument for keeping our past alive longer. It is related to great times,  events and people. It also includes fascinating pieces of art - musical masterpieces, inspiring architecture, etc. That is why we should spend money on the past - since we have to preserve it for the future generations who will admire it and surpass their ancestors.

On the other hand, people should invest resources in the present as well. Since we are living now, we have to stick to the reality, which surrounds us. We should aspire to become better people, improve our lives and make innovations which also need funding. For these reasons it is worthwhile contributing to what is now.

On balance then, I feel that it is best for our society to reach an equilibrium in preserving the past heritage and the present values. Only thus will it be possible to ascertain a successful future.

Model essay on the topic: Should we preserve the past

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