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Model answer for CAE or FCE essay

Many people feel that the happiest time of one's life is their childhood. But how far can you agree with this statement?

On the one hand, children are free of any responsibilities and obligations. They don't have to work and earn money in order to look for a family, because their parents do all this. Kids also enjoy a special care from everyone because they attract adults' attention with their every move.

Also, children have a simple and easy life. Their only obligation is to go to school and study their lessons. After that they play games and go to bed. Last but not least, a person feels the happiest as a child since when you are a kid your life is much more interesting! In your childhood, you come across every aspect of life for the first time - you meet new people, make friends, learn hot to live and become a mature person. On the other hand, when you are a child there are a few things that often make you unhappy. Firstly, you are dependent on your parents and therefore you cannot have or do whatever you want. Secondly, you don't have a clear idea of many things and that is why you can easily get hurt through being careless or by other people.

To sum up, childhood is by far the happiest times of one's life in my view. No matter how convinced we are that our parents are sometime difficult to deal with, they are actually the ones who care most about us and who make this years the best ones in our lives.

Essay Example for CAE, FCE - "Childhood - the happiest time of one's life"

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