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Do we need computer games? 

Essay example answer

Each of us has a different answer to this question. But one thing is for sure - we waste our time and money. 

Whether we find computer games very enjoyable and relaxing, we have to admit that sometimes we waste a big part of our free time playing them. Instead of spending time with our friends or families or paying attention to out hobbies, we just sit in front of the screen for hours. Some of us are so addicted to computer games that they continue playing day in and day out without stopping. Personally, I think that this is a serious problem and such a person should seek help. 

What's more, not only do we get obsessed but we spend large amounts of money on computer games. If a certain game is a success, of course, there will be a sequel. Although it may not be unique, it is attention grabbing and people are hurrying to spend their money on it. You would think that this craze is only among the younger, but in fact this is not true. Many adults, some of them having big companies or a fast - growing business, love playing them. I guess this is a kind of therapy after a busy day. 

Why we do these things and we get such a thrill playing computer games is a question which is difficult to answer. What we know for certain, however, we love them and we'll continue to play them. 

!!!! Notes:   
  1. Needs more focus on positive features.
  2. A clearer and more to the point conclusion.        

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