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                    Model answer for FCE Article writing task

Do you ever feel blue or down? Does the stress affect your mood in a bad way? If the answer is yes, then what can you do to lift yourself out of this. 

Personally, I don't often feel sad, but when it happen I try really hard not to thing of the reason, which has put me down. A useful thing that I do to distract myself is reading a magazine or listening to music. When I sink into the world of fashion, rumours about celebrities and funny quizzes, my problems go out of my mind which makes me feel better. However, what really picks me up is dancing. While listening to music and trying to express my feelings through the art of dancing, I release the negative energy and get rid of the negative thoughts. This undoubtedly makes me feel relieved, calm and happy again. 

Everybody feels sad from time to time but don't you think it is not right to expect from other people to listen to your moaning as this will put pressure on them and will probably make them sad? This is why I think it is essential that we should be able to handle our sadness on our own. Instead of engaging someone else with our problems, you should try doing some different activities until you find what helps you feel better. Do anything that stops you concentrating on yourself!

All in all, I think it is crucial that you do this, so that you will always have a strategy for making yourself feel better and not sadden your closest people with your problems!

FCE or CAE Article - Cheer yourself up

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