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                     Sample answer for FCE Article writing task

Why do they say happiness is a state of mind? And what do you think - is it really so?

Psychologists say it's not events that determine our feeling of well -being but how we think and react to them. It's essential that you should have a positive outlook on everything around you in order to be happy. Imagine you are surrounded by everything you have ever wanted but feel it's not enough. This exact feeling of negativism is the reason why you will never feel happiness in such a desired moment. So, whether the glass will be half full or half empty depends entirely on you!

But how can we achieve this state of mind, in which we feel positive about everything and feel happy? One suggestion is to start appreciating what you are and what you have. Stop thinking about the old saying "the grass is always greened on the other side of the fence" because you don't really know whether a person, for example, richer than you is actually happy. You just imagine they are and this makes you feel envious. Therefore, instead of comparing with other people, you should concentrate on yourself!

Another thing you can do is stop having regrets about what you may have missed and think of what you have experienced and how much you have enjoyed it. Last but not least - cherish every moment you spend in your life, smile more and think about positive things because in this way you attract them to you!

So, as Bob Marley once sang, " don't worry, be happy. " Because happiness is really a state of mind which we should all aspire to!

Sample FCE, CAE Article - Happiness is a state of mind


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