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In every society there are people who have education and still many who don't have. Having education is not compulsory but it gives you a chance to assert yourself in your future life and achieve a higher level of development.

The first purpose of education  is that it keeps you busy and you spend most of your time at school so your mother doesn't worry about you. However, this is not the only purpose of it. It also develops your imagination and creativity and enriches your knowledge in various areas. This, in turn, builds up your character and helps you prepare for the real life that's ahead of you.

Through education you acquire not only expertise but also confidence because of the fact that you have graduated. This makes people take you as an adult who already knows what he / she wants from life and how to achieve it.

When you have graduated, you have spent eleven years of your life at school which implies that you surely have profound understanding in most of the subjects which you have studied. So, this general knowledge helps you cope with different situations. For example, when you apply for a job you will have advantage over the other candidates if you show your expertise apart from your certificates and competence in the work for which you apply.

In conclusion, I would say that to have education is not only preferable but also helpful and very important for the building of your character and for the course your life will take.


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