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Why do people have to work?

(Sample Essay)

Today’s society is founded on the struggle between man, struggle for power, money and fame. And, as in nature, the more intelligent, the more capable, the more talented the person, the bigger the chances of seizing the prey under the nose of his opponent.  The opponent in most of the cases is another human being whose only fault is the fact that he, just like you, strives for all material wealth, money can provide. Even children know that except through stealing, money can be earned only through work.

I know from my own experience that many people work with the only purpose to buy a house, a car or a new expensive coat for their wives. In most cases such people lack strong motivation and do not enjoy what they do very much. They consider the working process part of the “deal” with the employer, just a necessary condition for receiving a salary at the end of the month.

Luckily, there is still another category of people who work for the pleasure of working, enjoying every single minute of practising their profession. They do it for self- expression, for being respected and even for improving their knowledge. Because, if you want to be a good programmer, doctor or interpreter, you have to read constantly book s and magazines, connected with your professional area, in order to be in step with the latest innovation.

Walk can also provide you with the terrific opportunity of meeting lots of new people, entertainment and travel. Having a good job can also help some women get away from home, away from scrubbing the floor, away from washing the dishes and cooking. It can help men and women feel individuals.

To conclude with, in my opinion, people should work both for things material and ideal. Because, as well as having enough money for a decent living, one should feel necessary, should feel important.

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