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Report on the state of the public transport in........
                     Model answer, suitable for FCE or CAE                      



The main purpose of this report is to represent the state of the public transport in .......and point out the reasons why the local people should use it more often.

Current situation:

According to the people living in ....... there are several problems with the urban transport:

  • First of all, the condition of the means of transport doesn't suit the requirements. The buses are all old and almost broken. They are also very dirty and smell badly. Another thing, worth mentioning, is that in the winter they are too cold to travel in.
  • Secondly, none of the buses comes in time according to the schedule, which often leads to many people being late and overcrowded means of transport which are not up to schedule.
  • Last, but not least, the ticket which you have to buy when using the public transport is too expensive. The price is almost unaffordable for the elderly people and therefore they prefer walking or using their own cars.

Conclusion and recommendations:

In conclusion, I would recommend that we should make significant changes in our public transport. We can start by buying new buses or at least repairing the old ones. Making a new, more accurate, schedule which would include several new bus lines connecting areas of the towns, which otherwise are not connected in any way, is another good idea. Also, reducing the price of the tickets would be beneficial for all the passengers.
Overall, I think that if these recommendations are implemented, there would be a significant rise in the number of people using the public transport.

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